Sep 072013

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  1. hrrundivbakshi

    Just found out that Peter Brown, formerly of NEMS Enterprises, Apple Corps, Beatles confidant and author of notorious tell-all book “The Love You Make”…

    … is Bashar al-Assad’s PR guy. Or was, anyway.

  2. hrrundivbakshi

    To confirm: *was*. Still.

  3. Holy crap, HVB! Look what’s *finally* coming out on DVD.

    Hint: “Shut your ass!”

  4. Holy crap. I’m going to stop pushing buttons right n

  5. Stay tuned: if time allows and the weather cooperates, maybe we can gather to watch this under the stars!

  6. Thanks for that reminder – and challenge – Oats! I hope to get to this later today.

  7. I’m halfway through this album. So far, it’s pretty good. It’s as if some of the ideas way beyond Costello’s reach on Spike have been tempered by his better impulses from Trust. What’s lacking, at least a half dozen songs in, are killer songs. What’s also lacking is something I typically find subtly grating in anything I’ve heard by the Roots: variation on the snare. ?estlove, or however he spells that name, is A-1 steak sauce as an interview subject/blogger (and I hope, author, as I plan on buying his autobiography), but he’s so insistent on hitting his snare just so that his he ends up making the music a slave to his devotion. It’s like the best-worst aspect of Charlie Watts’ approach to the snare, which reached its peak on the unbelievably awesome deliberate snare hits on “Beast of Burden,” run amok.

  8. misterioso


  9. That bad boy’s going Main Stage! Thanks.

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