Sep 062013

If Thursday is Throwback Thursday is Friday The Future of Music Fridays? A friend posted the following on her Facebook page, and it elicited quite a reaction in this household. Mr. Royale will be sharing it with his high school students. I’ll be interested in what you think.


  18 Responses to “This Is What The Fox Sings?”

  1. This is both so bad it’s funny and funny because it’s so bad. However, it is a horrible waste of resources. I can’t believe digital space and human time were put to something this shitty. I’ve taken dumps more meaningful.

  2. hrrundivbakshi

    You’re being a bit of a hard-ass there, Moddie. Surely this is as small a waste of tape as, say, a Flight Of the Concords track?

  3. 2000 Man

    I made it to 1:15. If that’s the future, then I’m gonna be the guy that says, “There hasn’t been any good music since 2013!”

  4. cliff sovinsanity

    Milhouse said it best…

    “We’re through the looking glass, people”

  5. hrrundivbakshi

    Here, I’ve reached the point where I’m wondering if everybody here *does* realize this is a comedy number, and they’re expressing mock anger and faux scorn — and I’m just too uncool to get the joke. Because — well, you guys do know this is a comedy number, right? Check out that youtube link I posted earlier; it’s actually really funny.

  6. ladymisskirroyale

    I’m looking forward to hearing Mr. Royale’s report of his students’ reactions. I’m expecting to see a whole lot more teens and young people dressed as animals now.

    This video was horrible but it got me laughing, which was very welcome on a Friday morning.

  7. ladymisskirroyale

    Excellent but would have been improved with Paul Rudd in the lead singer role.

  8. In a battle of mildly comedic musical acts this finishes behind the Conchords and anything involving Andy Samberg.

  9. I laughed when it first became clear it was a joke but then it never let up. “Look at me, Ma! Look how funny I am as I turn horrible music on itself.” The guy only ends up shooting himself. Its an overdone Geico ad.

  10. I completely agree with your last point.

  11. BigSteve

    Sorry no, not funny. The Stonehenge one is not funny either. These videos make me ashamed to be a human.

  12. 2000 Man

    I watched more of the Stonehenge one, but I think the joke is mostly lame, besides, didn’t Wolfmother and The Darkness just do this joke?

  13. Somehow he manages to make the Tap’s version of ‘Stonehenge’ seem less bombastic. And no matter what YOU say – THIS WAS NO JOKE friend….

  14. ladymisskirroyale

    I originally posted this because I thought it was pretty silly kitsch, which seems to be fall-back position for many bands now (see 2000 Man’s comment). And I admit that I like a lot of silly pop/rock (including Flight of the Concords). But is this the way music is going? That bands have to constantly refer to previous bands or genres (either with a bearded, hipster earnestness, or with silly dance videos)? Simon Reynold’s “Retromania” is seeming more and more accurate.

    I admit to feeling more and more that the future of music is electronica, but partly wish it wasn’t so.

  15. The future of rock is the musical equivalent of Cats in Shark Suits Riding Roombas. Hop on board.

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