Dec 112013

Jam on it. Nice and easy. Backstage style.


  13 Responses to “All-Star Jam”

  1. Dave Edmunds vs John Fogerty…12 rounds. Who’s left standing?

  2. 2000 Man


    USA! USA! USA!

  3. I don’t even see this as a contest.

  4. I voted Fogerty, but neither fighter is known for his endurance. I think the little Welshman would go at Fogerty with an early flurry of pinky rock variations, possibly weakening Fogerty’s midsection and leaving him open to a surprise ascending country lick flourish to the chin.

  5. Perhaps you’ve seen this already. This is new to me. What an odd mountain this man chose to scale!

  6. The Cirque du Soleil-ization of Popular Music continues. Does anyone beside me take evil joy in the image of Michael Jackson used to promote this thing?

  7. Does anyone need any falconry accessories for Christmas?

  8. hrrundivbakshi

    Yo, Trolley; are you serious? I have a good friend who would love said falconry stuff, and I’d be happy to take/buy them off you.

  9. cherguevara

    Have we ever done a last man standing using songs that are about or mention blue jeans? Because that could go on for a while, I bet.

  10. Feel free to set that up, cher, or I will do so when I get a chance this weekend. Thanks.

  11. ladymisskirroyale

    Hmmm, interesting. I guess the ability to sing all the words backwords would make it a formidable task. Of note is that he filmed it at one of the side doors (probably near where the former Occupy London site was located) rather than the grander front entrance. I thought it interesting that so few people looked at him – it must have been at the time when the Occupiers were there as he would have fit right in with the other “interesting” folk there.

  12. I came across two great concise record reviews. I can’t wager an opinion on how much I agree or disagree with them, they just struck me as great lines.

    From Rolling Stone and a review of the Avril Lavigne album (who is “assisted on nearly every track by new husband Chad Kroeger of Nickelback”): ‘Like a Canadian “Double Fantasy” – only much worse.’

    And from Entertainment Weekly, in a review of The Wrong Side Of Heaven & The Righteous Side Of Hell by Five Finger Death Punch, a two disc set: ‘Like the White Album, if every song were “Rocky Racoon”.’

    And related to the accompanying RTH poll, Rolling Stone had John Fogerty’s “Wrote A Song For Everyone” wherein he reprises his classic songs but with duet partners (like Kid Rock, Zac Brown, Foo Fighters, Keith Urban, Bob Seger) as their #10 album of the year while Entertainment Weekly had it as one of the 5 worst albums of the year. Haven’t heard it, but the concept makes me assume the Entertainment Weekly placement is more appropriate.

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