Jul 112014

Make this 7-11 Day special by adding your thoughts and random rock observations to the All-Star Jam.


  7 Responses to “All-Star Jam”

  1. 2000 Man

    Did ya see this?


    Wolfgang’s Vault is dumping onto YouTube. The rabbit hole just got really, really deep!

  2. RIP Charlie Haden, one of my favorites in a genre I only have a limited appreciation for. His playing on Ornette’s Change of the Century, and “Ramlin'” in particular, is amazing. Same goes for that Beck song he’s on. Same goes for a half dozen other records I own featuring him.

  3. ladymisskirroyale

    Mr. Royale and I had a trip to Amoeba records yesterday and bought a bunch of new stuff:

    1. Eno-Hyde’s High Life. So far, based on 3 listens, it’s GREAT. For fans of Underworld and My Life in the Bush of Ghost era Eno.

    2. A Lemon Jelly set of Eps (hey, for a dollar, it’s worth a listen).

    3. Real Estate – Atlas. We loved their last album so look forward to listening to this.

    4. Camper Van Beethoven – El Camino Real. The SoCal twin to their Northern Caliornia-focused last album. Cool artwork.

    5. St. Vincent’s latest (whatever the Prince-like title is). Finally got around to it.

    6. A Sunny Day in Glasgow – Sea When Absent. Pretty dense production and bears more listening. So far, on my meh list (it was M. Royale’s choice).

    Have you heard any of these? Want to weigh in? Any new music recently purchased?

  4. cherguevara


    With the passing of Tommy Ramone, is this the first band to have zero surviving members, as of this point?

  5. cherguevara

    To answer my own question, no. Four Tops and Jimi Hendrix Experience also.

  6. Hey, Back Office, is there any way to keep that (to me) annoying Saturday Night Shut-In pop-up from constantly popping up at the bottom of the screen?

  7. cherguevara

    An amusing article about Chicago and the album cover where it all went South:


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