Jul 102014

As the eyes of the baseball world prepare to gaze on Minneapolis and Target Field next week, why not watch this mini-doc on Minnesota music to get in the mood?

They are doing a nice job of keeping “the stars” on First Avenue nice and fresh, although I think the gal in Babes in Toyland is way off on the timing of when they started painting them on the side of the club.


  7 Responses to “Minnesota All-Stars”

  1. diskojoe

    The song that was rolling in my mind while I watched this was “Beer Money” by the Young Fresh Fellows. It’s a whole different world since the Del Fugoes were criticized for doing that commercial for Miller.

    Anyway, I’m actually reading the oral history of the Replacements, All Over But the Shouting, which is an interesting read, especially in depicting the pre-Internet nature of the alternative music scene.

  2. Yeah, nothing like cracking open a Bud with Craig Finn — “This Note’s for You . . . ” I don’t think Mould drinks anymore.

  3. Ha! I just finished that book last night. Spoiler alert: they break up.

  4. misterioso

    Worse–they “reunite.”

  5. I enjoyed that more than I thought I would (Craig Finn and The Replacements guys usually annoy me). Bob Mould seems like a Very Good Egg. I talked to him after a show many moons ago, and he was a Good Egg then, too. Tommy Stinson is slowly turning into Rick Danko circa The Last Waltz. I was curious to see interviews with other bands from that time and place.

  6. BigSteve

    I watched this the other day. I thought the bit about the rivalry between Minneapolis and St. Paul bands was interesting, but they never really went into who was on what side very much.

    And now that I’ve seen that interview with Tommy Stinson, his association with GnR makes more sense.

  7. Not bad despite the beer sponsorship. Sad to see that Northern Lights is no more.

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