Apr 282015

As Mr. Mod contemplates life’s inner meaning and his latest fling, feel free to make it happen in this All-Star Jam!


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  1. BigSteve

    Starting a thread with a Mother of Pearl reference is always a good strategy, but it’s “life’s inner meaning.” Sorry for the pince nez, carry on.

  2. Duh! Corrected, thanks. I typed that out real fast, while going crazy here at work.

  3. Happy 74th Birthday to Ann Margret!

    They don’t make ’em like that anymore, do they?

  4. Who has any interest in the Replacements reunion? Geo and I had a discussion this weekend. I never did see them back when but any live recordings I’ve heard make me think I didn’t miss anything. The drunk mystique sounds better in theory than any recording I’ve heard. So, 25 years later and 50% of the originals, it holds little appeal.

  5. When they first got back together, the Hall batted this around a bit.


    I am going to the DC show on May 8th and will report my findings. Any other RTHers’ going?

  6. I’ve seen the reconstituted Replacements in Denver two years ago and in Queens last fall. The shows have been great. I’m going to the Philly show on 5/9.

    If you want to see a fantastic band enthusiastically play great songs, then I encourage you to go.

    If you are hoping that Bob Stintson will rise from the grave, don a diaper and join the band onstage for a drunken rendition of the Jackson Five’s “I’ll be There”, save your money. You will only be annoyed and annoying. Those days are gone and it would be pointless to try to recreate them.

    And yes, ticket prices are relatively high. But I never begrudge a influential band who was unappreciated in their heyday from taking a money grabbing victory lap. The Replacements were particularly concerned with selling out on their first go-around. It’s over 20 years later. I’m okay with them letting their belligerent young man stance evolve a little bit.

    Plus, Superchunk is opening.

    It’s a shame that royalties are paid on units sold rather than the lasting joy or impact that the music has on people.

  7. I missed that thread. I think that was during my lost weekend in LA with May Pang.

  8. 2000 Man

    Superchunk and The Mats sounds like a really great night out to me. But they aren’t coming here and I’m not going all the way to Columbus or Detroit or wherever and staying overnight. Then I’d go out of town record shopping the next day and by the time the weekend is done, I’ll be paying for it for two months! It’s weird, there was a time when every tour came through Cleveland, but there just aren’t as many people here anymore, I guess.

  9. ladymisskirroyale

    A friend of mine who is a huge fan went to the SF show and LOVED it. He was expecting another catastrophe so had been dubious about going, but he said the sound was good and some of the stage shenanigans very entertaining.

  10. ladymisskirroyale

    I don’t know if this has been a RTH thread, but a friend of mine posted the following question:

    “Who in Rock has the best fake English accent?”

    Contenders, anyone?

  11. cherguevara

    Maybe Russell Mael from Sparks?

  12. ladymisskirroyale

    Robert Pollard would be one of my nominations.

  13. ladymisskirroyale

    Mr. Royale just suggested Al Jourgensen.

  14. 2K Man, I just found out I have an extra ticket, and you can crash at my house with some of the other out of towners…

  15. Pollard is a great choice.

  16. When that first Green Day song came out, my brother and I got into an argument about whether they were from England or Scotland or Ireland. Now, I don’t hear it at all.

  17. cliff sovinsanity

    Saw The Replacements last night in Detroit. I went into the show a little apprehensive because I worried that the nearly 25 year wait would not live up to the expectation. I shouldn’t have worried because the show was what I wanted; loose, ragged, and fun.
    Paul Westerberg was suffering a hoarse voice however he was genuinely energized and of course clownish.
    I also noted that the nearly 2500 in attendance was made up of super fans who chanted along with every chorus or when Westerberg wanted to spare his vocal chords. Also, I can’t recall a show where the audience was so age specific. I would say 95% of the audience was between 40-55.
    The set list was abandoned 20 minutes into the show, yet was a little surprised that Unsatisfied was not played as well nothing from Don’t Tell A Soul.
    The covers that night included 3rd Stone From The Sun, Be My Lover, 20th Century Boy, My Boy Lollipop and of course Another Girl, Another Planet.
    Yes, a little pricey for an hour and twenty minute show but I don’t mind paying it to a band that’s given me much more.

  18. For everyone who voted in the Steve Miller/Doobie Brothers Showdown, the Daily News reported today that they’ll be sharing a stage in Camden this Labor Day weekend. Anyone here planning on finding out once and for all who’s better?

  19. Here is my hot take on the DC show tonight at Echostage.

    If you like the Replacements, you will like the show, if don’t you won’t and if you love them, you will love it.

    I’ve seen more reunion, or late period rock shows than I care to admit. This show has none of the canned crap that audiences love.

    They opened with early fast stuff and then it just got better from there.

    Tommy was the spokesman tonight, with a brief shout out to the old 930 Club. Paul is still rock star skinny. Tommy should write a book, if he can write.

    Have fun in Philly tomorrow.

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