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I just opened Rock Town Hall to draft this All-Star Jam and post a link to the blog from Friend of the Hall Wreckless Eric, and who should appear in the rotating banner by Eric and Amy Rigby, in an image from the wonderful interview they did with us many moons ago!

Eric has had a rough ride of late, starting with case of COVID-19 and, just as soon as he was feeling better, a heart attack. He’s posted part 1 of his recent struggles, with all the good nature he possesses, here. However you send out your good vibrations – through prayer, mental projection, the burning of sage or a small barnyard animal – send some good vibes Eric’s way, OK?

And while we’re at it, how about we use this particular jam for some positive vibrations? Trust me, I’m not getting too soft, but I’ll do my best to take a week off from “throwing shade,” as the kids call it, on any of you. Life packs enough shade as it is. It doesn’t need my help or yours! Eventually, I’ll get back to causing some trouble.


  14 Responses to “All-Star Jam”

  1. A video of another RTH alumni whose return I have been eagerly anticipating.

  2. We hereby SUMMON Leland Sklar!

  3. diskojoe

    It’s too bad about Wreckless Eric. First COVD 19, then the heart attack. I hope that he gets better.

    Sorry to further bum you guys out, but Ken Osmond, the guy who played Eddie Haskell in Leave It To Beaver, passed away:

  4. We need to watch ourselves before we become like that grandmother who is constantly updating us on obscure characters from the old neighborhood who are sick or have passed.

    “Don’t you remember Mrs. Simpson? She once brought you a muffin when you were home sick from kindergarten.”

  5. diskojoe

    I get what you’re talking about Mr. Mod, but this is Eddie Haskell we’re talking about. He was probably one of the first “Rock & Roll” characters on TV. He was one of the reasons why Leave It to Beaver was so great. He was such a badass that people errorously thought that he later became Alice Cooper. I prefer him to Fonzie. I also prefer Hyde from That 70s Show to Fonzie.

  6. Now that’s a strong opinion worth going to the mat for! Defending Eddie Haskell. I remember seeing a rerun of the show when I was in college and laughing periodically all day with one of Mom’s quotes; “Ward, don’t you think you were a little hard on the Beaver last night.” Talk about working blue! That show was decades ahead of its time.

  7. I wasn’t trying to scold you or anyone else about reporting Eddi’es death, diskojoe, just humorously (or so I intended) pointing out that in the years since we last convened on a regularly basis, we’re sharing more news about health issues than we did when some of us were more solidly in “middle age.” 🙂

  8. I think my favorite thing about Eddie Haskell was that there were very subtle vibes from Ward and, especially, June, that they were totally onto him. Am I imagining this?

  9. diskojoe

    No problem, Mr. Mod 😀. I understand what you’re talking about. Since the last time we did this, I had to have both hips of mine replaced two years in a row, which was a fun experience 😒

    Also, geo,I think that June & Ward were onto Eddie, especially when he laid it on too thick.

  10. When wasn’t he laying it on too thick.

    “Mrs. Cleaver, you’re looking lovely today.”

  11. That’s one of the things that’s always been fascinating about the Eddie Haskell character to me, Geo: despite becoming shorthand for that kind of character, he didn’t actually manage to pull one over on the Cleavers, who always seemed to see right through him.

  12. Hey guys, good to see you back!

  13. northvancoveman: YES!!! Hope all is well up your way.

  14. Glenn Tilbrook has been beamed into Steve Nieve’s living room right now, as part of Nieve’s daily home performances on Facebook Live!

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