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  1. jeangray

    oKay–Well, after a-reading that Motorhead thread I’m ready for the bands who only have one song thread. I’m really curious to read what bands or artists Townhall members consider to have only one song. And the ensuing arguments should be interesting as well…

  2. Mr. Moderator

    Foghat, “Free Ride” – the live version!

  3. hrrundivbakshi

    WRONG, Mod. Foghat were also responsible for that colossal turd, “Fool For the City”! Now, Brownsville Station — *there* was a one-song wonder: “Smokin’ In the Boys’ Room”!

    I also submit Pat Travers with “Boom, Boom (Out Go the Lights”…

    Molly Hatchet with “Flirtin’ With Disaster”…

    … and many more. But NOT Foghat!

  4. sammymaudlin


  5. Mr. Moderator

    I know Foghat had some other radio songs, but I’m saying their entire career is justified by that one song. I thought that’s what jeangray was asking.

    That Pat Travers’ track was a rare radio treat when I was a teen. I know nothing else about that guy, or was he in some early ’70s band that used to populate cutout bins – no, I’m thinking of Robin Trower.

  6. Sugarloaf!

    The only Molly Hatchet song I know is their version of “It’s All Over Now.”

  7. Only one track for Pat Travers? Surely you are forgetting Snortin’ Whiskey and Drinkin’ Cocaine. I’m not kidding.

  8. Mr. Moderator

    TOTALLY forgot about that tune, cdm! Good call.

  9. dbuskirk

    Found lots of Molly Hatchet to like during my short-lived Southern Rock phase. “Gator Country!”

    Rick Derringer “ock And Roll, Hoochie Koo”. Truck on out and spread the news.

  10. dbuskirk

    Make that “ock and oll”.

  11. alexmagic

    History will show that “Real American” was Rick Derringer’s real masterwork.

    I took the comments by BigSteve and jeangray to be leading us less into a one hit wonders discussion and more into the topic of bands that have one song that they essentially keep/kept remaking successfully enough to maintain a career.

  12. According to a recent article in MOjo, Mike Oldfield has released 4 or 5 versions of Tubular Bells.

  13. Buckner & Garcia- Pac Man Fever

  14. hrrundivbakshi

    Hey, Alex — was “Real American” the Hulk Hogan theme? If so, you’re definitely on to something!

  15. Mr. Moderator


    Every once in a while I see that another blog has picked up something we once talked about and launched their own thread around it. Sometimes the resulting comments are interesting. I’m posting the following link NOT to encourage some cross-blogging war or anything like that but because it’s cool to hear a community that some of us bashed, either directly or indirectly, speak to our thoughts. And honestly, I find it flattering and useful to rock thought whenever another blogger picks up on one of our discussions and takes it in his or her own direction:

    I haven’t gone back and read our entire collective train of thought on Hrrundi’s original post, but as insensitive and racist as some of our thoughts look when quoted in this guy’s blog, I can’t help but stand behind many of them on a musical level. It’s tough to talk about how we really feel about music without making some generalizations that may reflect poorly on us. I will have to accept being “wrong” now and then, and I totally appreciate the fury this blogger felt.

  16. Modern English made a career out of “I Melt With You,” re-doing it more than once.

  17. Nickelback seem to make a pretty decent living regurgitating their one song.

  18. Mod,
    I just read the RTH comments and the other blog’s post and comments. I didn’t take part in this discussion originally and I’ve only heard OT for the first time today and those two songs sound pretty good to my ears, but that’s not the point.

    On RTH, I saw an interesting, fairly well reasoned and articulate discussion with the occasional comment from EPG designed to “poke the crab” while making his point.

    I think the blogger and most of those making comments on the other site take things a bit out of context. They are writing from the perspective of a fanboy which means that any criticism will be at the very least over analyzed, and the more likely result is that they will find it offensive. Among the things the blogger found offensive were the comments saying that OT ‘s vocals are clumsy, he’s boring and his target audience is Soccer Moms. Most of the comments reiterate these points. (eg “As for Tamio and Unicorn not being cool…AU CONTRARE! That is possibly the stupidest judgment of all. They are SUPERCOOL!”)

    To portray a RTH post that has 77 comments (some quite lengthy) as racist because some folks didn’t like OT’s music and EPG didn’t know where Bruce Lee was born (or knew but was trying to get a rise out of people) smacks of a) an unnecessarily elevated level of political correctness, and b) fanboys with their panties in a bunch.

    I would hope that we can continue to have honest discussions about music we like or don’t like without worrying how it will be perceived outside these Halls. I would also hope (sincerely) that the blogger and participants from the other site join RTH and participate in the discussions here. You know, marketplace of ideas and all that.

    If they choose to do so, however, I would caution them to toughen up their skin a bit. I’ve seen posts from EPG and Sat to name but two, which, while being completely politically correct and well written, are nonetheless vicious in their honesty.

  19. Mr. Moderator

    Here’s a really weird story coming out about someone who used to manage a long-time, once-popular, and still-running rock club in Philadelphia:

    I don’t remember this guy from all the times I went to/played the Khyber. Did this guy precede the Simons brothers taking over that club? Is this guy’s family the family that ran the place in the early ’80s, when the place first really sucked…or should I say, “when the place wasn’t quite to my liking,” considering the response that may be coming my way for insulting his people?

  20. Mr. Moderator

    On the blogger’s own site, cdm, I was able post some thoughts along the same lines of what I put in the original post. The man wrote back a very nice, appreciative response. Looks like we have once more helped foster some positive rock discussion. May we continue to keep an open mind and razor-sharp insights:)

  21. BigSteve

    Wow, I always wondered why it was called the Khyber Pass.

  22. The Khyber Pass had something called Mrs Headley’s Winebar upstairs before we were hanging there. The suspect’s name is Headley. Must have been the owners/managers before the Simon’s took over.

All-Star Jam

 Posted by
Apr 012007

While we duke it out over the value of Devo, let the healing begin here with Dove (the band of love).


  8 Responses to “All-Star Jam”

  1. Mr. Moderator

    Don’t miss this All-Star Jam, Townspeople. I highly recommend it.

  2. Mr. Moderator

    Stay tuned, kids, for some serious download opportunities and homework!!! Coming late tonight or early tomorrow morning along with other fresh content!

  3. mwall

    Well, I just watched it. I’m not sure why I just watched it, but I’d be glad to receive any enlightenment you can offer.

  4. hrrundivbakshi

    Oh, for pete’s sake. Please don’t tell me you think this is clever or funny! I’m a pretty reluctant buzzkill in general, but this is total crap. I can think of all kinds of *bad* reasons why one might enjoy this: “wow — they changed out of their post-apocalyptic nuclear-powered jumpsuits and changed into green leisure wear!”; “wow — they stopped singing atonal, herky-jerky numbers about post-apocalyptic isolation and changed into singing about LOVE!”, etc. But I can think of no backstory-independent reasons why one might listen to/watch any of this for fun. Pee-you!

    Hope that killed any buzz you might have had.

  5. Mr. Moderator

    Bravo, Townsmen Hrrundi and Mark. You may have further proved Townsman KingEd’s points regarding Devo!

  6. saturnismine

    lighten up, fuddy duds.

    this vid proves that when devo were at their best, they were disturbingly freakish even with minimal the accoutrements and the most pedestrian of rock songs at their disposal.

    the martians have landed.

  7. I love it! Thanks for this Jam.

  8. I dig the green visors, and the kitsch. Last night I just saw the reformation of Sebadoh and I feel one of two things:

    1. Eric Gaffney should never talk/banter sing songs or play guitar – always keep him behind the drum kit.
    2. If you’re going to let him back into the band, stop making eyeballs at eachother – although maybe they will realize why they split on this tour

    Lou Barlow and Lowenstein are pretty good together though and at least feed off eachother’s energy when they weren’t using Gaffney as a prop/whipping boy. Gaffney is quite weird though. I don’t remember him being that weird.

    The coolest thing about last night was seeing/meeting The Dog Faced Hermans drummer who is currently playing in Bent Moustache (on a Ludwig) – Wilf seems to be ambidextrous! Awesome! I can’t wait to get home again to start reading more town hall – thanks to everyone who’s been keeping me entertained at work, I’m sneaking peaks! 🙂 🙂

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