Oct 242010

It wasn’t pretty, but Giants win, Giants win, Giants win! Congrats to that spirited bunch. Now let me shave off this naturally graying playoff beard.


  14 Responses to “All-Star Jam: Giants Win Edition”

  1. ladymisskirroyale

    Aw, thanks, Mod. You have such good sportsmanship.

    And speaking of good, old-fashioned things:


  2. Hell, yeah! Some more live TV Clash I’d never seen before:


  3. This is cool: The Who at the Cow Palace, at the point when Keith Moon passed out and some dude from the audience came up to play with them. I think we covered the guy from the audience when he died a couple of years ago, but I don’t recall seeing this clip before.


  4. BigSteve

    Looks like Sandy Pearlman making them do a million takes has paid off.

  5. BigSteve

    I think I’ll dye my beard midnight black to celebrate a non-northeastern World Series.

  6. I dropped a Gload in my pants when the Phils lost that series.

  7. sammymaudlin

    Heh. You said “Gload”.

  8. “There’s a brand new gimmick every day, just to take somebody’s money away”…or…Andy figures out another way to repackage the same stuff yet again:


  9. In their case, more power to them. Those guys made some beautiful music. They should have made a few more dollars for their efforts!

  10. Agreed. But could we see some new music once in awhile from Andy? Costello re-re-reissues stuff but at least there’s new material. Maybe too much new material and I’m not dealing with quality. C’mon Andy, is a little new funkpoparoll asking too much?

  11. jeangray

    Did you catch that Monstrance album from a few years ago?????

  12. I remember that. It was Andy’s version of one of those post-ambient instrumental Eno albums that no one cares about.

  13. jeangray

    Nicely put, Mr. Mod.

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