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Jun 092013

stewart_copeland_laMissing friend of the Hall Raggers had a great faux rock band name called Annoyer. His idea was that it was a heavy metal band along the lines of Destroyer. Since it never materialized, I’m going to steal his name and apply it differently.

If you were forming a band comprised of the most annoying personalities in rock and roll, who would get invited? This is not a call for musicians that make annoying music. This is meant to gather the most annoying personalities in rock. You may even like the music they play, but know that their personalities are so objectionable that there would be multiple homicides even before the tour bus pulled out of the parking lot.

A couple of names I’d put on the roster would be Stewart Copeland on drums and Ted Nugent on lead guitar. I’m basing their inclusion on Copeland’s interview on Costello’s Spectacle and on everything I’ve ever seen Nugent say or do. Offer a replacement if you have someone even more annoying than those two. Who else gets the call to fill out the band?


  31 Responses to “Annoyer!”

  1. Ray Manzarek is bummed he couldn’t make the audition.

  2. I vote for Lars Ulrich

    My wife votes for any of the Eagles

    My daughter votes for Axl Rose

  3. underthefloat

    Lead singer maybe Chris Martin or Liam Gallagher?

  4. Put Lou Reed in this band and I’m sure it will sound just like Lou was always meant to sound.

    And there has to be a place for Billy Joel.

  5. I’d lean towards David Lee Roth as lead singer. From what I’ve heard from him, I think he’s funny and charismatic for 5 minutes. Then he’s the guy who always has to be the riffing center of attention with only an “on” switch and more annoying than a 5 year old who just won’t shut up.

  6. On the Yahoo Groups version of RTH, I once had a post in which I listed 4 or 5 notable jabber jaws and asked which one would be the first you would throw off the tour bus and how long would it be before you did so. I listed David Lee Roth, Bono, Lars Ulrich and CC DeVille, and maybe one other. I’m pretty sure I said that I would throw CC Deville off the bus within 20 minutes. But upon reflection, I think Nugent would be a stronger choice for lead guitar.

  7. Interesting to see Lars come up twice. I’ll have to check out Some Kind of Monster to see what manner of drag he is.

    Bass has to go to God’s gift to women (no he really is, just ask him), Gene Simmons. Unending tales of conquest get old pretty fast.

  8. Got a guitar spot for Steve Lukather?

    I’d give the keyboard slot to Paul Shaffer over BJ – His shticky cheerleader mugging has been a major irritant for many years now.

    Carmine Appice on 2nd drum kit (double kicks w/his name printed across the front, ‘natch)…he’s a stick-twirling, poodle-permed (probably a wig, at this point), ass-faced show-boater, nonpareil.

    Bono’s telegraphed emoting and messianic posturing gets my vote for most annoying presence as a lead singer. Steve Perry, if we’re just talking about making annoying sounds…though, his rat-faced visage doesn’t do him any favors.

  9. Bobby, I am so behind your nominations for Lukather and Shaffer!

  10. Thanks, man. Two out of four ain’t bad.

    Also, their songs should be written and produced by Jim Steinman…for maximum annoyance.

  11. cliff sovinsanity

    And David Foster can produce the album…

  12. Amanda Palmer would be my vote for annoying female lead singer. Too f-in’ precious by half! The personification of the term “art damaged”.

  13. I was considering who would be the most annoying off stage just because their personalities seem to suck from the limited interiews, etc., I’ve seen. Better put on a pot of coffee for who is annoying ON stage.

    I would throw Natalie Merchant in the ring for annoying female singer stage presence. She makes Stevie Nicks seem grounded. Actually, I’d throw her out of the ring!

  14. Definitely a contender, but AP takes it to a whole other level. Even worse than that Mimi Goose (or whatever the hell her name is…The Head opened for her band once…tou wrote about it in Headlines…the multiple dresses gal).

  15. *you

  16. Never heard of her before. Just checked out the youtubes on her. Certainly not my cup of meat, but the comments section has people falling over themselves to write glowing posts. Very arty-farty.

  17. Oh man, I know who you mean. The band was on Eno’s label and included Glenn Branca alum and Big Takeover writer Tim Sommer. The woman’s name may have been Mimi Goess or something like that. How can I not remember the band’s name?

  18. ladymisskirroyale

    Apparently, he has passed them down to his children. One of his boys was in a summer camp and instructed by an acquaintance of mine; he spent the whole summer being reprimanded for wiggling his tongue between his fingers.

  19. ladymisskirroyale

    Hugo Largo.

  20. ladymisskirroyale

    I would like to nominate, for the front and center of the band, as that is where she would place herself, the French Communistic Revolutionary, Laetitia Sadler (of Stereolab). Although I love her music, her lyrics and persona are annoying as hell.

  21. That’s hilarious! So there is a gene (from Gene) for being a boor.

  22. cherguevara

    Put that annoying violin guy from Dave Matthews band in there. He is probably a really nice dude but that damn violin is like a mosquito in one’s ear.

    Also, that third wheel from black eyed peas, right? He can stand around and “holster.”

  23. Two AWESOME additions! The thought of a third-wheel rapper holstering is brilliant.

  24. Just want to point out that the reason Zep bootlegs are usually over three hours long is not that the band Just Rocks That Hard but that Plant pontificates/explains/rambles about five minutes between each song.


  25. cherguevara

    Somebody photoshop this supergroup together!

  26. ladymisskirroyale

    Exhibit A!

    I don’t know who I would put my money on: Ms. Sadier or Ms. Merchant.

  27. Good evidence, Counselor.

  28. I find her annoying, but she doesn’t rise to the level of Natalie Merchant Annoying.

  29. Because neither have been mentioned yet after a couple days, am I to assume that Frey and Henley were automatically disqualified due to presumed popular disclaim? I must read more carefully


  30. Ditto Mike Love. Too obvious/easy?

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