Jun 242011

First this, now this.

Despite his frequent lapses in musical self-awareness and taste, Paul McCartney‘s usually managed to maintain a respectable sense of personal style that plays up his everlasting cuteness while not succumbing to the eternally creepy cuteness of a Peter Noone, perhaps. (It’s just the way God made him!) McCartney managed to look good with his old shag hairdo, but a conflicted Paul awaits. I’m not a fan of hair dye for men and plastic surgery, but the man could do a lot worse.

The following clip, from 1974, is just such an example.

All we can see is Paul’s head, but a number of things are going wrong here. He seems stuck between Looks, and personally I find it discomforting.


  6 Responses to “(Another) Paul’s Surprisingly Tasteless and Discomforting Look”

  1. BigSteve

    Look at his eyes. He’s high as a kite.

  2. misterioso

    Mod, if it’s discomforting for you, just think how bad it was for Paul. Perhaps this great studio clip from ’74 of Junior’s Farm will put things right again. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CThnAJHMlao

    Vive la France.

  3. Paul’s mullet ‘n optional-mustache thing was one of my untouchable touchstones in 5th or 6th grade, when a boy of my upbringing starts to want their own haircut. The “Jackson Browne” was similarly unavailable due to my cowlick.

    He does seem to be in-between here, post RAM and pre Rockshow. One thing’s for sure: a soul-patch has no business in his repertoire.

  4. Paul also had a weird look in this clip from his 1973 TV show. Greasy-looking long hair, little mustache, and a pale-peach colored tuxedo. Then there are the split male/female dancers.


  5. 5. Perhaps Paul was playing Captain Hook for little Stella that day — all he needs is an eye patch.

  6. ladymisskirroyale

    Wardrobe ransacked the vaults from “Duck Soup” for those eyebrows. There was enough hair left over to make Paul’s cute little soul patch.

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