Jul 162012

Your headline, please.

Last night Bruce Springsteen invited Paul McCartney to join him on stage for his show’s fantastic finale in Hyde Park in London. Despite the enormity of this musical event, representatives from City Council pulled the plug while Bruce, Paul, and the band were still playing because it was getting too late! It’s like a soundman giving Jesus the  “2 more minutes” sign while he’s delivering the Sermon on the Mount.

What’s the appropriate use of a lyric, album title, etc. to create the Daily Mail’s morning  headline for the story? I’m going with ‘Because the Night’ ends at 10:30. Others?

May 162012

You probably know that Mick Jagger is hosting this week’s May 19 season finale of Saturday Night Live. Yes, he’s hosting—certainly doing a mumbling, aw shucks monologue complete with those twinkling forever-young eyes and numerous runs of his fingers through that still-luxurious hair, certainly appearing in skits and possibly being funny on occasion. Can we expect much in terms of blowing us away with his comedic acting chops? He’s had a few cracks at an acting career with little success over the years. I guess he’ll play music, too, although Keef says he’s not going to make a guest appearance with his old Glimmer Twin. We’ll see.

Jagger’s going to have to work hard to top Paul McCartney’s appearances in skits on SNL and elsewhere. Considering he was the worst actor in the Beatles’ movies, Paul’s become pretty funny in his advanced age. You know Mick’s gonna be gunning for Paul’s title as Rock’s Funniest Living Legend. He goes way back with the SNL crew, but he’s never hosted. Paul’s been on the show a number of times and killed in skits, but Mick is the first of these living legends to be billed as “host.” I bet he’s psyched.

You know Keef couldn’t care less about holding the title of SNL host or Rock’s Funniest Living Legend. Pete Townshend would be too weird to ever work in American sketch comedy. Can you imagine Bob Dylan vying for the spot? He might be the funniest rocker ever to appear on SNL, but you wouldn’t be able to tell.

Like McCartney, Jagger’s still “in the game”—at least as far as he’s concerned. Mick’s fit and trim. His hair refuses to turn gray. He’s probably hipper than any of our dads. Mick and Paul are the self-perceived Last Men Standing among 1960s pop stars. These days, who’s cooler: modern-day McCartney or modern-day Jagger?

SHOWDOWN (choose one): modern-day McCartney or modern-day Jagger?

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Jan 202012

For those whose time isn’t sufficiently wasted, I invite you to remix a few Paul McCartney songs. Especially those who believe he got it all wrong. Call it “Macca as his music was meant to be heard.”


Actually, I think McCartney got it right most of the time behind the board His drum and bass tones have rarely been matched, even by more experienced producers. The same can’t be said for Jeff Lynne. It must be that giant mound of hair muffling his ears from that horrible glossy drum effect thingy. Agree? If not, I invite to nominate another rock star turned producer who should have left the knob turning to someone else.

Jul 262011

A while ago I got flamed for my support of the Live at Glassgow version of Paul McCartney‘s “Coming Up” being the better version (over the one-man band take), but you guys were up in arms over my support of the Wings Over America version of “Maybe I’m Amazed.” Truth is Faces did the best version of this song, IMO.

Last month there was a contest to see who could do the best cover of this song. (Damn, I wish I’d had time to put my version together for submission!)

Here’s the deal: Paul needs the Hall’s help in selecting a winner. Visit Paul’s YouTube page to judge the entrants for yourself. Share your favorite links to specific videos and your comments in this thread. Paul’s reading. He cares about what you have to say.

And remember: If you can’t say anything nice

Jun 242011

First this, now this.

Despite his frequent lapses in musical self-awareness and taste, Paul McCartney‘s usually managed to maintain a respectable sense of personal style that plays up his everlasting cuteness while not succumbing to the eternally creepy cuteness of a Peter Noone, perhaps. (It’s just the way God made him!) McCartney managed to look good with his old shag hairdo, but a conflicted Paul awaits. I’m not a fan of hair dye for men and plastic surgery, but the man could do a lot worse.

The following clip, from 1974, is just such an example.

All we can see is Paul’s head, but a number of things are going wrong here. He seems stuck between Looks, and personally I find it discomforting.

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