Jun 042008

AP: Gary Busey to Play Dual Roles in Upcoming Bo Diddley Biopic

Published: June 4, 2008

Only one day following the death of rock legend Bo Diddley, Universal Pictures has announced the production of a biopic tentatively entitled “Buddy Holly Stole My Pie.”

“Pie” is based on the life of Bo Diddley (real name Charles Hardin Holley) with a focus on the firm belief by some that Buddy Holly cynically conceived and patterned his product as a “white Bo Diddley”.

Indeed the similarities are remarkable:

•Both achieved success with the “Bo Diddley beat”
•Both wore large black glasses
•Both wore bow ties (on occasion)
•Both played an electric guitar
•Both were right handed
•Both names start with a “B” and end with a “Y”
•Bo Diddley had a chauffeur named Butler. Holly had a butler named Chauffeur.

Universal is reportedly in talks with Gary Busey to play the roles of both Buddy Holly and Bo Diddley. When contacted for comment Busey said:


  2 Responses to “AP: Gary Busey in Talks to Play Dual Roles in Upcoming Bo Diddley Biopic”

  1. alexmagic

    Your movement is gaining steam. In a show of solidarity, The Black Hollies announced today that they will be re-naming themselves The White Diddleys.

  2. BigSteve

    I wonder who’s going to play Jerome, Bo’s maracas player. I recommend Jerome from The Time.

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