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Jun 222020

I stumbled across this 1971 Bee Gees concert. I’m only a couple of songs in, but it may be an important find for people like us. Check out the opening number, where Barry puts forth an evolving Look at BTO-worthy shot to the midsection. Then Maurice counters with a Bakersfield-worthy slice of machismo called “Lay It On Me.” Robin settles down the threat of a full-on Bee Gees Fight Club with the tenderest of ballads, but parts of this performance beg the question…

Jun 132020

A quick piece of major news: Trouser Press, the greatest music magazine of my lifetime, has updated it’s website, making all of its issues available online. At first glance, it looks like each issue has been scanned in. That’s fine by me, because the layout of that magazine was part of it’s fun. Here’s the link to the updated site. Enjoy! Report back on what you find.


Jun 122020

Have you ever realized that there are artists you like who nevertheless have a surefire type of song on every album that you will likely skip? The most obvious example of this may be Paul McCartney‘s patented “songs for me granny” on any Beatles album starting with Sgt Pepper’s. I’ve actually come to appreciate “Your Mother Should Know,” but I get it.

For me, the first surefire needle-lifter that comes to mind are the two long rock ballads on any Mott the Hoople album. Were they pioneers in rock balladry? I know they often aspired to the sort of rambling songs Dylan used to turn Blonde on Blonde into a double album. Sometimes the results were decent, such as on “At the Crossroads.”

Too often, however, these efforts resulted in the kind of ponderous rock balladry that original Mott guitarist Mick Ralphs and his new bandmates in Bad Company would specialize in. From there, it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump to Bon Jovi.

With the exception of Mott’s cover of “Your Own Backyard,” which does pick up steam, I’m skipping the Mott ballads.

How about you and the catalog of an artist you dig?



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Jun 082020

With it being Monday and the recent release of Pearl Jam’s long-suppressed uncensored version of the “Jeremy” video, this could be a good time to compare “Jeremy” with another similarly themed song and video, The Boomtown Rats’ “I Don’t Like Mondays.” Just trying to get the new week off on an upbeat note!

  • Which song do you like better?
  • Which video, overall, to you prefer?
  • Who’s the better actor among lead singers, Bob Geldof or Eddie Vedder?
  • Who’s the better supporting actor in these videos: the kid who plays Jeremy, the piano player, or someone else?
  • Does Eddie’s hair actually grow as the video progresses, or is it unleashed by the fury of the subject matter?
  • Describe the function of Bob’s hair.

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