Rockodial Hunter

Feb 162014

Spotted and bagged one a few days back while I was huntin’ on The You Tube. It come up over a marsh as an “ad” and as baggin’ ad-type rocks is a piece a piss I normly bail out as this is jest cleanskin for junior Rock Hunters. But I was bit gobsmacked by this ‘un. Not enough to let loose a “Holy dooley!” but stuffed, I’ll be I was. Enjoy my kill mates.

Apr 212013

Greetings Mates! I understand there’s a bit o’ disagreement ’bout what’s “in the wild” and what’s not. Well if this is the kind of discussion y’all want I suggest you go back to yore ivory college towers and keep on chatting while you’re folding your panties. In the outback, where I come from, music or music-related folk or what-have-ya spotted in an environ that is not primarily inhabited by peoples whose primary goal is to listen to music is WILD. So, commercials, coffee houses, movies (non-music based mind you, so hearin’ Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On while watching Great Balls of Fire don’t count none) and so on. Sorry to get so technical here.

Spotted and bagged one a few weeks back while I was huntin’ on The Sundance Channel. I come ‘cross this show called Top of the Lake starring some hot sheila that kinda looks like Jodie Foster. Show is set in and was shot in New Zealand. So guess what muso I hear blastin’ out this bogan’s ute?! If yer as smart as them learnin’ books you read then you should be able to guess.

Bonus after the fold.


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