Apr 212013

Greetings Mates! I understand there’s a bit o’ disagreement ’bout what’s “in the wild” and what’s not. Well if this is the kind of discussion y’all want I suggest you go back to yore ivory college towers and keep on chatting while you’re folding your panties. In the outback, where I come from, music or music-related folk or what-have-ya spotted in an environ that is not primarily inhabited by peoples whose primary goal is to listen to music is WILD. So, commercials, coffee houses, movies (non-music based mind you, so hearin’ Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On while watching Great Balls of Fire don’t count none) and so on. Sorry to get so technical here.

Spotted and bagged one a few weeks back while I was huntin’ on The Sundance Channel. I come ‘cross this show called Top of the Lake starring some hot sheila that kinda looks like Jodie Foster. Show is set in and was shot in New Zealand. So guess what muso I hear blastin’ out this bogan’s ute?! If yer as smart as them learnin’ books you read then you should be able to guess.

Bonus after the fold.


  11 Responses to “Greetings Mates!
Spotted in the Wild #2 (+ bonus)”

  1. I will let someone else guess the band that must have shown up in this movie. Yesterday morning I read some article in the New York Times on REM bassist Mike Mills’ obsession with fantasy sports leagues. He was cheerfully geeky about the whole thing. Later in the day I was at Nordstrom’s, when what do I hear playing over their sound system but an REM deep cut. Don’t ask me what song it was; it sounded like just about every other early REM song whose title I don’t know.

  2. diskojoe

    I don’t know about the song, but that’s not a ute that the guy’s driving, it’s a van. A ute is a car based pick-up truck like a Chevy El Camino or a Ford Ranchero that’s very popular Down Under.

  3. diskojoe

    Also, I just remembered that there’s an article about Eric Burdon in the latest issue of MOJO to hit the shores here. He’s got a new album out.

  4. Thanks for the tip — had not seen the Mike Mill story — also I heard “River of Dreams” in a CVS on Friday and laughed out loud!

  5. Rockodial, my thoughts are with you and your mates Down Under since reading that Christine Amphlett, singer for The Divinyls (“I Touch Myself”), died of breast cancer and MS at age 53.


    She was a great…woman.

  6. Oh my, Rockodial is going to be furious that you pulled a pince nez on him. Guard your brisket!

  7. Rockodial Hunter

    Think yore clever mate? Haven’t seen you lately throwin’ backa Foster’s in the pub! A ute is anything I say it is! Watch yer back mate before I add “blokes that can’t spell ‘disco’ ” to my list o’ prey.

  8. Rockodial Hunter

    Thanks mate.

  9. 2000 Man

    Awww….man. That bums me out. I don’t know why, but I really like the What a Life! album. I liked it so much, I went and saw them. they opened for Southern Death Cult, and I left while they were boring me to tears, but Christina Amphlett was terrific and I swear she made every guy there think she was performing just for him. It was kinda weird and I’ve never seen anyone else do that. Boy, cancer and MS both; that really sucks.

  10. ladymisskirroyale

    I’m still trying to place the song. Sort of Hot Chip voice but more likely some Ben Gibbard project.

  11. An old friend posted an unreleased cover of “I Touch Myself” that some of you may dig:


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