Mar 032009

Surely you’ll excuse us for taking a few days to determine the Comment of the Month winner for February 2009, but there was more competition than could be expected in the year’s shortest month. Among all the great comments, from sincere to snarky and all points between, Townsman Alexmagic‘s rationale for the Cool Pass granted to Arrested Development’s Baba Oje may have been the Hall’s most piercing piece of off-the-cuff-yet-informed commentary. Here’s the gist of what the Magic Man wrote:

His importance to the band can’t be overlooked, though. When they were famous, people would often watch their videos and wonder “What’s up with that old guy? What does he do?” And when ABC had some show a few years ago where they got defunct bands back together for a performance, I’m pretty sure everybody who watched the Arrested Development episode watched to see whether the old guy would be back and if he was going to sit on stage and maybe walk around a little bit.

He was.

He did.

It was awesome.

As was this comment.


  3 Responses to “Baba Oje Reference Nabs February’s Comment of the Month”

  1. Sorry ’bout the failure of this thread, Moddy. Buckup, dear boy, they can’t all be of as much import as, “If This Band Was A Breakfast Cereal, What Would It Be, & Why?”

  2. Mr. Moderator

    There’s no failure here, Bobby, no need to cheer me up. The Comment of the Month is an award, an award celebrating the accomplishments of a fellow Townsperson. For this we all benefit.

  3. Fair enough, squire! Dib dib!

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