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Fisher Makes Good Speakers, Right?

Fisher Makes Good Speakers, Right?

I will be spending a good part of the 4th of July weekend on our backyard patio listening to ballgames and my iPod on this old warhorse. It’s a Fisher boom box, circa 1985 — complete with aux/phono input. l got a Fisher because my dad told me when I was a kid that our Fisher speakers at home were really, really good — so that stuck with me for years.

This sits on the patio and under the eaves through rain, sun, and sleet. If there was a jail for boom box abuse, I would be an inmate. The dual cassette deck doesn’t work anymore, but the radio and aux input are all I need anyway. I also have a Jawbox I use outside sometimes, but most of the time, I just use the boombox. We remodeled last summer, and I am starting to wish I would have ponyed up for a modern outside sound system — maybe I will when the Fisher dies.

Have a great weekend  . . . and what is your modus operandi for cranking tunes outside?



  12 Responses to “Backyard Blasting on the 4th of July”

  1. bostonhistorian

    I open the windows and turn it up.

  2. We’ve started using my our oldest son’s iPod player. Until this year I would listen to Phillies on an old, AM-only transistor radio, but now they are only on their FM sister station.

  3. diskojoe

    I usually bring out my RCA CD boombox to my backyard & sit down & listen to something like the LA Nuggets box set on a day like today.

    Speaking of the Phillies, Mr. Mod, Shane Victorino is doing quite well for the Red Sox this year.

  4. hrrundivbakshi

    Back when I made a decent living and had no dependents to support, I dropped some coin on a pair of Boston Acoustics outdoor speakers, which I mounted on my deck. The joke was on me: our mosquitos are so bad that we *never* hang out on the deck. I really should tear those things down and sell them. Or use them for bizarro reference monitors!

  5. 2000 Man

    I have a Sirius portable dock that I used to listen to Sirius on. It’s pretty cool, and even has a little subwoofer. I just use an mp3 player and the AUX jack, now. So it looks weird without the satellite radio docked on it. My son’s friend is making reall cool wooden boom boxes with nice drivers and 15 or 50 wpc amps! He sets them up for bluetooth or the aux jack I like. But he wants 250 bucks, and that’s just too much.

    My mom has a cool thing that will tune into her stereo and play that outside. I kinda want one of those. If I just open the windows and crank it, it’s pretty damned loud in the house!

  6. Right — where are all the bug zappers in the pictures of outdoor kitchens and living areas in mags my wife gets — if you live in Arizona or San Diego, you’re good with the “outdoor lifestyle.”

    But — some outdoor BA’s might beat my Fisher boombox — even with its built in equalizer.

  7. I like the idea of that wooden boombox. Please post a link!

  8. Totally unrelated — another Dad story. He bought me 10 shares of RCA stock when I was born. I used to follow those shares like Twins boxscores.

  9. cliff sovinsanity

    Enjoy your Independence Day! I’m fortunate that the Hall knows no international boundaries and recognizes this townsperson from the North, though technically I live south of Detroit, Minneapolis, Fargo, the Dakotas… In honour (yeah with a U) here is a short video explaining the bizarre border we share.
    In Canada, we use our cars as outdoor radio especially when spending time in the great outdoors.

  10. I have an old pair of computer speakers that I just plug into the headphone jack of my iPod.

  11. ladymisskirroyale

    We’re pretty low tech, although wanting to become higher tech: we just open the doors and let the music from the kitchen or studio drift out.

    The neighbor immediately behind us is so loud and annoying with her nasally commentary, ferocious pit bull and periodic 2-3 am outdoor parties, that I cringe thinking that we might be contributing the same sort of noise pollution as she does and tend to not listen to tons of music outside.

  12. Not wiring my deck for speakers is a huge regret when we built our house eight years ago (my focus was on wiring for surround sound, something I almost never use). Tried wireless speaker but it’s almost more trouble than it’s worth. I have an InMotion ipod boombox that sounds KILLER and is loud. The input broke, so it is wired with a 1/8″ plug. I also use a MONSTER iClarity BluTooth speaker for when I am just outside for a short time – runs my iCloud through my phone. I plan to buy BluTooth adapters for all of my stereos so that I can just stream from my phone to any/all of them.

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