Jul 052013


Fancy my trainers?

Last night, Mr. Royale and I went to one of those ’80s dance nights. I’m proud to say that I danced my f’ing ass off and even Mr. Royale was seen hoofing it to several classic ’80s Post-Punk tracks. This wasn’t your typical synth-pop, hair metal evening: David J was the guest DJ. As you can imagine, he filled the evening with darker, interesting British music from the early-to-mid -80s, most of it great to dance to and all of it enjoyable to hear.

This morning, the ’80s love-fest continued. While I was scanning my FB feed, another blog that I follow posted some videos from the Hacienda/Factory Records site. While I’ve been resting my weary feet, I’ve been watching these live clips from The Hacienda, circa 1982. Most of them are pretty interesting, and I’m guessing a few will get you up on your feet. The band line up is so good: I would call it my Summer of Love.



  6 Responses to “Dance This Mess Around”

  1. Good to see that ESG video right up front when I clicked on the link!

  2. cliff sovinsanity

    Hearing SM’s “Promised You A Miracle” brought back fond memories of high school dances.
    I also loved the Delta 5 clip. Very under appreciated band.

  3. Nice — like the Echo clips.

  4. ladymisskirroyale

    A constant across many of the videos was the echoey sound. I’m guessing that it reflected the large, concrete space of the Hacienda. Or was it a reflection of the less attended shows? Or the mixing/mic-ing?

  5. cliff sovinsanity

    Wasn’t The Hacienda Factory 51 a metal and concrete cavern with zero sound proofing or was that the second incarnation. I don’t know but now I’m in the mood to watch 24 Hour Party People again.

  6. ladymisskirroyale

    I think so; if so, it certainly is apparent in the sound.

    Now you have me going on 24 Hour Party People …

    I’m also ready to re-watch Velvet Goldmine. David J mentioned that Bowie was revered by Bauhaus and it certainly is apparent in their early sound. I also didn’t realize how post-punk early Bauhaus sounded (I avoided them as I could never take Peter Murphy’s over the top vocals. But Love and Rockets – that’s another story!).

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