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Nov 272012

Ginger Baker.

I am fired up about seeing this!

You can have your Bonzo, your Keith Moon, your Animal from the Muppets…Ginger Baker is a motherfucker! In the first scene of this documentary, he apparently breaks the filmmaker (a former boxer)’s nose!



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  1. I finally got a chance to watch this preview. I’m curious to see this, although I’m not sure that I’ve ever heard Baker’s drumming and truly felt moved by it. I like my share of Cream, for instance, but I sometimes think he gets in the way. Then he comes through with just the right fill now and then. I had my drummer friend Sethro point out what was good and innovative about him one night. It was interesting. He always looks cool when he’s drumming.

  2. Suburban kid

    This link probably isn’t worthy of a post, so I’ll just randomly post it in a comment here:

  3. This looks fantastic.

  4. Thanks for the clip — I read story in Rolling Stone a couple of years ago and this seem consistent with what they reported — he’s one dangerous dude to this day! I always thought he looked old when he was in Cream!

  5. Apropos of something: two of Slim Jade’s musical heroes go toe to toe. with support from Charlie Haden!

  6. I HAVE to see this movie with Mr. Mod.

  7. Slim Jade


  8. I saw this yesterday in NYC and, well let’s put it this way, it was worth the $38 in train fares, the $12.50 admission, and the 10 hours elapsed time to get there and back. Correction – the movie and the bufala mozzarella pizza at Luzzo’s (the best pizza I’ve ever had outside of Italy – and maybe even including Italy) was worth it.

    Highly recommended to all Townspeople.

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