May 022012

Here are two instructional videos. Please do us the favor of sharing your thoughts on either one or both of them. I suspect, if you’re a fan of the thunderbroom, you’ll have much to say.

I look forward to your responses.



  7 Responses to “Bassists and Bass Admirers, Please Observe and Comment”

  1. Happiness Stan

    Dang, now I understand why my bass playing failed to lure maidens backstage and onto the tour bus. If I could have my time all over I’d definitely concentrate on the waggling of privates in the faces of young girls – what could possibly go wrong with that?

    I was in a band with a lead singer who used to stuff a cucumber down his trousers, but I don’t think he ever had a bevy of hot chicks pursuing him either. We always assumed that it was because people, (girls in particular – our first write-up in the local press was in the girls’ High School magazine which read “Name of band… avoid like the plague”) didn’t like our music very much, but thanks to those very illuminating videos I now know better.

  2. tonyola

    Frank Zappa once said that bass players are perpetually frustrated because they were demoted from guitar to bass in some garage band when they were in their teens, and now they’ve been sentenced to play endless ostinatos and other dull parts.

    This guy is drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon. Nobody drinks that swill unless they’re trying to be hipster-cool.

  3. If jeans are “ass tight” but the wearer has no ass…?

    Really, what’s bullshit about these instructional videos is that he shoots himself sitting down. How can I expect to learn anything from any bassist if I don’t first get to assess his stance?

    It’s cool this guy’s Mom let’s him bring girls home to his room. He must get a lot of tail.

  4. This guy is fantastic, especially in that second video. It almost seems like bit of performance art.

  5. mockcarr

    OK, tight pants, discomfort required for artistic suffering,etc. Cucumber given, but bratwurst delivered. Understood. Piss beer like Pabst inbibed. Nasty, but cheap and effective for uructation purposes during conversation. Position yoursefl at the front of the stage, kicking ass, foot on the monitor, gotcha. Throw hands to defend your overplaying to band members wrecking cameraderie and creating drama about lead roles, fine. Wait, key of B? KEYS? This guy isn’t a bass player.

  6. trigmogigmo

    Gotta be performance art. For his sake I hope so.

  7. This guy has gotten laid exactly once and been in exactly one band. His last best hope is to meet another bass player, particularly one who is better than he is. Although meeting a bassist who isn’t as good as he is but gets more gigs and chicks wouldn’t hurt either.

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