Jul 032012

Backstage footage of musicians in their natural habitat, away from the groping public, is often quite telling, even inspiring. Sometimes musicians you’d never expect to see sharing a stage are caught yukking it up in the wings. Ah, the glorious bonds of music know no bounds! In the above clip, videotaped backstage in Ocean City, Maryland, Dion and Marty Balin share a moment over a hair that fell into a third man’s beer. I’m not sure this tops the legendary footage of Bob Dylan and Lou Reed backstage in 1985, discussing the art of recording their music as it was meant to sound, but it comes close.

What are some of your most memorable backstage moments, either captured on video or from your own memory? And while we’re at it, what is the greatest backstage moment in rock?


  One Response to “Battle Royale: Backstage Pass”

  1. “I listened to the sound of the dubious record I made and this last one and it does sound good.”

    Bob Dylan, Philosopher-King

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