Jun 142012

Is this Townsman chergeuvara-submitted clip of legendary (in some circles, such as Irish rock/Thin Lizzy/hard rock circles) guitarist Gary Moore‘s original Skid Row the best white-blooz performance ever? And by “best white-blooz performance ever” I don’t mean “best,” necessarily. I don’t mean “best-worst” performance, as you might expect me to snarkily mean it. I mean best performance that exemplifies the best and worst aspects of white dudes playing da blooz.

Along these lines, for example, an argument could be made that Cream was a great white-blooz band. Their white, heavily amplified, possibly even non-American psychedelic rock approach to a musical form removed from the band members’ culture both added appealing new aspects to the genre while occasionally overstepping stylistic bounds of good taste. At their best, Cream was really easy to dig while also providing unintentional laughs. I think this Skid Row clip adds as many valuable new wrinkles to da blooz while simultaneously doing more in the name of whiteness. I think I now finally understand the cult appeal of Gary Moore.


  10 Responses to “Best White-Blooz Performance Ever?”

  1. hrrundivbakshi

    Good God, that was awful.

  2. Man, they nailed it!

    Is that T Bone Wolk (or his dad) on bass?

  3. So THAT’S where Johnny Depp got his Pirates of the Caribbean look from (not Keef).


  4. cherguevara

    I love the ‘fro on the drummer. And that out of tune bass playing, yipe!

  5. Slim Jade


    I’m just not feeling it. A slack-jawed stance and fiddly fingers on a fretboard do not further the heritage of this musical form.

    I ain’t saying’ you gotta suffer, etcetera, etcetera. Nor can I imagine that ginger fro bobbing through a cotton field, but these crackers just don’t have it.

  6. misterioso

    When did the drummer spray paint his hair rainbow-style and become the John 3:16 guy?

  7. bostonhistorian

    What the hell was that?

  8. I know I’m way behind on this but that flabby base sound is unbearable. Gary Moore is a non-factor in this clip.

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