Sep 072012

Based on the song titles alone I’d gladly overpay for this thing. Knowing that it’s an Elephants Memory release, however, would be a splash of cold water, but I’d still go for it. For my tastes, this is the definition of a Can’t-Miss Record.

Certainly, however, it would miss badly. It is an Elephants Memory record after all.


  14 Responses to “Can’t-Miss Records That Miss Badly”

  1. I think An Elephants Memory should be a RTH Glossary term for a record that fails to live up to it’s packaging.

    Generally, if the record has the words, LSD, Hot-Rod, Beatnik, or looks blatantly exploitational in nature, I will pick it up.

  2. Great suggestion, petesecrutz, and your profile of a “can’t miss” record is just the sort of information I’m hoping to get out of people.

    My can’t miss-profile clearly involves hirsute folks with revolutionary slogans and the promise of a solid boogie or chooglin’ rhythm.

  3. BigSteve

    Apostrophes are a tool of the Establishment. Punctuation power to the People! Right on.

  4. We didn’t catch the fact that the designer of our band’s first record sleeve dropped the apostrophe in our name.

  5. If I’m picking up what you’re laying down, I’m gonna throw Donnie Iris’s entire career into the ring.

  6. misterioso

    Fascinating call. I know 2 things about Donny Iris: he was in The Jaggerz who had a big hit in the early 70s called “The Rapper” which I kinda love, and he had a big hit in the early 80s called “Ah Leah” which I kinda love. And Donny Iris isn’t his real name but his real name sounds like Iris. Like I said, I know 3 things about Donny Iris. Also, I had never seen the Ah Leah video until a year or two ago, which is just as well, actually.

  7. misterioso

    Mod, I’m with you on Elephants [sic] Memory, but the big question is what was Lennon thinking?

  8. 2000 Man

    I think the ultimate was Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music. I was real excited to get that. I’m still pissed about it.

    I still have another record that I found somewhere that was supposed to be amazing. Lothar and the hand People, Space Hymn. I’m not sure I can convey in words just how stupid and goofy this is. I listened to it once and crossed yet another reviewer or maybe even whole music review source, off my list.

  9. cliff sovinsanity

    At a record show, the wife picked up the album Vendetta by a group called The Brood solely based on the cover. This “has to rock” she said. Sadly it was pedestrian garage noise.
    But damn, it’s a cool looking album cover…

  10. “The Rapper” is a good oldie, the dude definitely made his bones in advance, but his solo packaging was entirely deceptive.

  11. You were shocked that a record on Dionysus by a band called “The Brood” sounded like garage rock?

    I am so tired of this line of thinking. It’s wonderfully easy to take a shot at bands that can’t respond.

    Go up against some crap like Radiohead and get back to me.

  12. I, on the other hand, think that album does, indeed, rock….and roll, even.

  13. I like Ah Leah and I thought Donnie Iris’ album cover was kind of funny but that image was totally at odds with the group of thugs in his band. They make Gwar look like a bunch of CPAs

  14. cliff sovinsanity

    You’re out of line Scott. I’ve always defended no-nonsense 4/4 garage rock in the hall. I didn’t find this one particularly interesting. I was simply making a point about album cover VS content. Fleshtones, Barracudas, Lyres … these bands The Brood are not.
    Also, I couldn’t give a flying fuck what Radiohead does.

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