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We’ve long touted the Comments on Rock Town Hall as the distinctive quality of our collective activities. The key to any Main Stage contribution is its ability to generate discussion. Sometimes the most humble thread results in unexpectedly intelligent, witty, or otherwise insightful comments. We’ve long made reference to a Comment of the Month, but now it’s a reality. Following the jump, our first official Rock Town Hall Comment of the Month winner–and a recap of the award-winning comment.


Early this August Hrrundivbakshi threw down a Last Man Standing: Rockin’ Fat Guys. The battle to be last man standing was fierce. After a while, as Townspeople ran short on unquestionably “fat” guys, we poked the bellies of some other body types: chubby, stocky, “big boned”… Fred Durst was proposed, although Kpdexter acknowledged that he may be “doughy” rather than fat. It was suggested that he looked like a turd, to which BigSteve provided our first official Rock Town Hall Comment of the Month.

Comment from: BigSteve [Member]:
Durst is an anagram of turds.

BRAVO, BigSteve! Despite worthy comments later in the month from the likes of TB, Diskojoe, eh, Mockcarr, and E. Pluribus Gergely that made us stand up and cheer, your pithy observation stood out among all other comments. In the words of Sammymaudlin, This is why I come here day after day.


  20 Responses to “Comment of the Month: Anagram Tops Strong Field of August Contenders”

  1. BigSteve

    I’d like to thank the members of the Academy, I mean Hall. I couldn’t have done it without all the less-worthy posters in the original thread. I’d also like to thank all of the larger than life musicians and drummers who have helped redefine the term ‘big-boned’ as a rock-related boast. And of course I’d like to thank former rock star Fred Durst himself. In my heart I know he will always share a part of this award, and I only hope he can enjoy it half as much as he in enjoying his involuntary retirement.

  2. Anagrams rock! After hearing in a movie about Scrabble that Eric Clapton is an anagram of Narcoleptic, I thought about other rock anagrams.

    Your precious opinions can’t help you here. If anyone cares to do the work, I pose this brain caper: What rock musician’s name is an anagram of “Very bad din”? Some may agree his later work substantiates the coincident.

  3. sammymaudlin

    chickenfrank: David Byrne

    Right back atcha: INCH ILL SLOP

  4. sammymaudlin

    Better: Ill chin slop

    And, yeah it fits.

  5. Excellent. Phil Collins is indeed Ill chin slop.

    Who’s an “Older grey rat”?

  6. Mr. Moderator

    “Older grey rat” makes me think of Nick Lowe, but that doesn’t suit the anagram.

  7. sammymaudlin

    Roger Daltrey

  8. sammymaudlin


  9. You bastard. I’m thinking Allman or Hagar, when it’s the lesser known Gallaghar brother, Liam.

    If you’re going to listen to this singer you should “Review stoned”

  10. Mr. Moderator

    Stevie Wonder!

  11. Damn. I’ll leave you with one more, extra hard. Don’t stand to close to this singer or you’ll
    “Inhale rank fart.”

  12. sammymaudlin

    Aretha Franklin.

    That’s just naaasty.

  13. Oh, snap. Ok, one more easy one. This band was no fun to belong to because we all, “Had no sex in”

  14. sammymaudlin

    Nixons Head.


  15. mockcarr

    These are very good. Thanks

    Sincerely, cram rock

  16. alexmagic

    Not a big anagram fan, but couldn’t pass on this: “Stark Cerebral Dweeb” – an accurate description of what fans find appealing and others find off-putting about this artist and his musical partner?

  17. mockcarr

    I prefer to think of my favorite band as the best ale.

    Shit, now I’m acting like Dick Fuckin Cavett.

  18. Alexmagic, won’t leave that unsolved, but can you clarify? Does the anagram include the partner’s name also, or is it just one person?

  19. alexmagic

    Only one name is included, possibly a slight punctuation cheat. He might be winning the poll right now if the Add An Answer option was available.

  20. Of course. Walter Beckers Beard. Did Nostradamus predict that?

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