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I had to spend 2 hours tonight sitting through a yearly league meeting for coaches in the youth soccer league in which I coach. As always, it was hell. As always, it was a 150-(mostly) man example of the fact that a good deal of kids don’t so much grow into adults rather than grow into oversized kids. One coach brought up the pettiest complaint of the night, saying that his club’s field does not have enough sideline room to allow the coaches to stay a minimum 6 feet from the playing field. He took the most pindick attitude I’ve witnessed in a good 35 years (“pindick” being a term I haven’t thought to utter in that same span), ending his whine by staring straight ahead, without blinking, and asking the league’s board of stressed-out volunteers, “So what are you gonna do?”

“Give you a wedgie,” I muttered from a few rows away, loud enough for my club’s fellow coaches to hear.

Yes, my newfound perspective on maturing is evident when I look in my own mirrors.

Thankfully I got home just in time to watch the one bit of the Democratic National Convention that I’d hoped to catch: Michelle Obama‘s speech. Without delving into my half-assed political views, I’ll simply say that Michelle blew me away. Has anyone ever spoke so freely about love from the podium of a party’s national convention? It was like Woodstock in there.

Musically, I got a charge out of hearing her walk out to Stevie Wonder‘s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered.” We’re a music blog. As we did for the Republicans, it’s important we keep a keen eye on the musical proceedings at the Democrats’ convention. What other musical moments did I miss? What’s coming in the next couple of days? I’m going to need your help, because there’s only so much of these pep rallies I can handle. Thanks.


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  1. I’m still in awe of the “pindick” reference and can actually not wait to leave my home so as to run into someone that I can drop that upon. Needle-dick, pencil-dick, broke-dick, yeah, I’ve known those for years. Pindick!!! I got a new toy!


  2. So, was there no other music on the Dems’ playlist last night, or did it stink?

    Guess we’ll be treated to “Don’t Stop” late tonight.

  3. I’m very interested in politics, and am an unashamed leftie. Regardless, I didn’t watch much of the convention last night. It bums me out that the increasingly prevalent concept that we are electing a “presidential couple” or even worse, a “presidential family” has put its stamp on these pep rallies. I just don’t care whose spouse gave the better speech, or whose kids are cuter and more emblamatic of the USA. I like Michelle. It just annoys me that it’s mandatory for the spouse to pass some kind of voter approval. We are one shallow nation.

    I understand Foo Fighters are scheduled to play at the convention at some point.

  4. Great points, chick. You do, I hope, still find value in monitoring Presidential Hair, right?

    Foo Fighters…ugh.

  5. The only thing that would tempt me to vote for a conservative would be a candidate with the bravery to wear a fu manchu or handlebar mustache. We have a long way to go to allow our standard bearers to have facial hair.

    If I can steal/adapt a line from the Simpsons: Mitt Romney has a haircut you can set your watch to.

    I’m OK with Foo Fighters. They seem a bit too raw and loud for that kind of an event. I’m putting odds on them playing a cover. I think they cover Fortunate Son, so that would not surprise me.

  6. Since I’m not watching these political wankfests, maybe someone can report in if they use Bruce’s “We Take Care of Our Own” for a Springsteen smackdown with Gov Christie. The first time I heard this one, I disliked it since it had such telegraphed political intentions. The song does work better in a live show context, I will admit.

    Also, local Philadelphia mayor Mike Nutter has a primetime speaking slot tonight. He overworks his “MixMaster Mike” routine for any street cred a guy this nerdy can gather.

  7. alexmagic

    I want Biden to get introduced to something like Sammy Hagar’s Heavy Metal or Cheap Trick’s Dream Police. Something you could wash your Trans-Am to, so as to match up with this, the ultiamte Biden portrait:,2718/

    Dark horse contender for Biden’s walk-up music, since he can usually be pencilled in for a gaffe: Nazareth’s Hair of the Dog.

  8. BigSteve

    Oh man, Fortunate Son would be great.

  9. cliff sovinsanity

    That mayor from San Antonio sure was speakin’ the truth last night.

  10. I did a search on since I didn’t hear any groups yesterday and today at the 2012 D. convention. Found Nelly the description mentioned 2012 so it sounds like he was there. Video was from 2010 Couldnt quite make out the lyrics. Something to do with a dream. Hope with the pres. race so tight its not a dream Obama will be reelected.

  11. BigSteve

    As Clinton left the stage after his speech, they were playing Tom Petty’s I Won’t Back Down.

  12. And the obligatory “Don’t Stop Believing” as he entered. Clinton’s long “guitar solo” of a defense against Republican charges against Obama was impressive.

  13. BigSteve

    And when the roll call got to the point where Obama had enough votes to become the official nominee, they played Kool & the Gang’s Celebrate.

  14. It’s time the Democrats update their playlist. I’m not going to suggest rock-snob stuff I’d be into, but someone like Sandra Fluke could have come out to a contemporary hit like fun’s “We Are Young.”

  15. trigmogigmo

    Rachel Maddow mentioned that playing “Celebrate” on such occasions is mandated by the Constitution. Seriously, look it up.

  16. I’m expecting to hear some Guided By Voices unless Obama’s press secretary was totally fronting:

  17. “Teenage FBI” b/w “Motor Away” as the President leaves the arena in his motorcade?

  18. trigmogigmo

    You called it, k. That was Obama’s exit song snippet.

  19. Pretty obvious appeal to middle-class suburban voters to end with Springsteen’s “We Take Care of Our Lawn”

  20. ohmstead

    Clinton is clearly the most gifted political orator of our era…his ability to speak extemporaneously is simply awe inspiring. At first I thought his walk off music selection was a bit defensive…but then again it is easier to get folks worked up with the underdog vibe.

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