Mar 102008

Roger Daltrey, lead singer for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees The Who has voiced displeasure over being bypassed as an inaugural inductee to the Rock Town Hall Rock and Roll Foyer of Fame. “My body of work as a solo artist speaks for itself,” says Daltrey in a leaked message slated to appear on a popular fan site in his honor.

The message to fans of his solo works continues.

“Following my success as cowriter of ‘Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere’, my songwriting contributions to The Who often went uncredited. Even those songs for which I was credited as a songwriter, such as ‘Someone’s Coming’ and ‘Don’t Look Away’ were relagated to ‘deep cuts,’ while strong tracks like ‘Early Morning Cold Taxi’ were altogether left behind for archivists and bonus cuts on future reissues. Take a listen, Rock Town Hall, if these tracks didn’t show ‘early promise,’ then your idea of promise ain’t worth keeping!”


  6 Responses to “Daltrey’s Not Gonna Take It, Demands Entry to Rock Town Hall’s Foyer of Fame”

  1. hrrundivbakshi

    Had I but known that Daltrey would be posting traxx fom his solo “Best Of” LP! One of my more valuable thrift stotre finds was the radio DJ edit version of the McVicar soundtrack album — it features between-song patter from Roger, explaining his vision for each number and detailing his challenges filming that particular biopic!

    For the record, I think Daltrey the solo artist *should* be inducted in a future Foyer of Fame ceremony. His “triple- threat” career should not be overlooked!

  2. sammymaudlin

    I like Early Morning, Cold Taxi.

  3. BigSteve

    The Foyer is going to get pretty full pretty fast if we start letting in members of major bands, even frontmen of such, who achieved only mediocrity as solo artists.

  4. Mr. Moderator

    Yeah, as much as I love Daltrey within The Who, I’m standing firm in my vote against his entrance. I do appreciate his reaching out to us, however.

  5. meanstom

    Letting in Daltrey would make a complete mockery of the Foyer of Fame.

  6. If you have to ask yourself whether an artist really deserves to be included in the Foyer of Fame, then the answer should be “no.”

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