Jun 222021


  5 Responses to “dB’s Unplugged (essentially)”

  1. My response is: nice but what’s the point?

    It proves it’s a great song but it adds nothing to the original; more, it strips the power out of the pop.

    I am sympathetic to the plight of musicians over the last 18 months and have spent a lot of money on music, streams, etc that I would never have considered in a normal world to try and be a minor league Medici and support the arts but there seems to be a lot of “throw it against the wall and see what brings in a few bucks” as things stretch out.

    I’m pretty sure I read some promotional thing about this album that indicated it was recorded years ago. That at least has some suggestion that it was deemed unworthy of release since then. Much as I love the dBs I’ll pass on this one rather than get it and put it with a bunch of other dB-related stuff I’ve bought over the last decades because of that love but which all fell too short.

  2. If they toured this approach and I was lucky enough to catch it at a mid-sized venue, I’d be beyond satisfied to have been able to be at the show. It sounds great and I love the songs, but I won’t buy this either to listen to at home.

    P.S. It’s really a dice throw who gets to keep their hair and who doesn’t when middle age sets in.

  3. I always enjoy watching the Dweebs shoot themselves in their collective foot.

  4. I’m pro dbs and anti-REM, and you’re pro REM and anti-dbs even though the two bands are really cut from the same cloth. We’re a paradox.

  5. 2000 Man

    I feel like I’ve been looking for the first Db’s record for most of my life and I just never seem to see it anywhere. I’d have been a whole lot more interested in a reissue of the first record than this. I can’t imagine there was much of a clamor for this one.

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