Jun 262012

How long can you hang with this thing? I had to bail at the 3:59 mark. Please feel free to fill me in on what I missed. Thank you.


  5 Responses to “DEAL WITH IT! Richard Gere Talks Guitars…With G.E. Smith and an Anthony DeCurtis Impersonator”

  1. The entire piece is not so bad.No one says anything too ridiculous. I admire the fact that the guitars that they show are natural, and wood toned and classy, not outrageous and showy like a Rick Nielson collection.

  2. ladymisskirroyale

    Stanley Tucci’s finest role to date!

  3. mockcarr

    I didn’t make it any farther, Mod. Jesus, Gere really is like that? Every sentence is like the tree in the forest thing, if a guitar falls off of a stand and no one is there to scream AH SHIT!, is it really broken, Rich? Voices of guitars. I’d hate to see his car collection, his Trans Am probably talks like William Daniels, or something.

  4. misterioso

    “Don’t touch it…” “No, it can’t be played…” Can I look at it? “No.”

  5. Strong Comment of the Month contender!

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