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For some strange reason I was listening to Delaney & Bonnie & Friends this week — and I just couldn’t get this old chestnut out of my head for a few days:

To me this is a great single — because as a kid — I knew the song, but had no idea who it was until many, many years later when I went through a fairly severe Eric Clapton phase.

I did a little RTH search and found this nugget by cdm on second-tier Supergroups:


There are some great songs mentioned in that thread, but what is your favorite Supergroup single? I look forward to your responses.


  22 Responses to “Favorite Supergroup Single?”

  1. No comment yet? What, is everyone internally struggling with which is their fave Power Station song?

    I unabashedly opine that I grin everytime I hear the Wilbury’s “End of the Line.”


  2. I’m thinking about this, RaoulG. It’s important I get the answer just right.

    Does Derek & the Dominos count? I’ve been digging “Bellbottom Blues” a lot the last couple of weeks. That’s a song I’d consider. I suspect there’s something by another supergroup I like even more.

    Should we rule out supergroups that develop into real bands, more or less, such as Plastic Ono Band and the New Pornographers?

  3. I say don’t rule out anyone. And I also wonder if being in so many “supergroups” make EC a “supergroupie” or merely chicken, the basis of so many a fine/crap dish.


  4. I hate to say this, but my first exposure to the Byrds was McGuinn, Clark, and Hillman. So I would think anything counts.


    I was 12 or something . . . how was I supposed to know that these guys were in a real important band.

  5. jeangray

    That’s hilarious! Ima not too proud to admit that I simply adored that Power Station album when I was in High School.

  6. First super group I recall was “Blind Faith” with Steve Winwood, Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker. Of course the last two from “Cream” and Steve Winwood I think just came from the “Spencer Davis Group” Anywayze my fave of there’s is “Can’t find my way home” Yes I realize obvious choice but with my excruciating terrible sense of direction I truly identify with this title.

  7. cliff sovinsanity

    I’m not sure if it was officially released as a single but the song “Won’t Be Coming Home Soon” from Golden Smog gets my vote. It was played a little on some radio stations. That incarnation of Smog is my favourite. They managed to encapsulate the entire alt, insurgent-country movement on the album Down By The Old Mainstream. V and Radio King are terrific tunes as well.

  8. “Can’t Find My Way Home” is my choice too. An obvious choice, but it’s obvious because it’s a great song.

  9. Best: Handle Me with Care. The Travelling Willburys.

    Worst: Heat of the Moment. Asia.

  10. trigmogigmo

    “Bellbottom Blues” … good choice!

  11. jeangray

    Thanx for reminding me of these guys. “Glad and Sorry” is my favorite off of that album.

  12. cliff sovinsanity

    Asia wasn’t as bad as GTR.

  13. One more Wilburys song to add to those already mentioned: “Tweeter And The Monkey Man”. Latter-day Dylan has never been quite so astonishing a story-teller as in that.

  14. I had to look up GTR because I’d never heard of them. Terrible name, and glad their bio states they were “short-lived”.

  15. GTR’s album was the subject of the “Greatest Review of all Time” by Charles M Young in Musician Magazine. It just said “SHT”.

  16. While I think there was no single released from the one-off gig, the art-rock supergroup of Kevin Ayers, Nico, Eno & John Cale (joined by Robert Wyatt & Mike Oldfield) made an interesting LP.

    It was apparently for one night only because Cale caught his wife sleeping with Ayers the night before the show.
    While Googling rock goddess (& my first love) Julie Driscoll I found this rather outrageous claim on what I assume is a re-released LP

  17. misterioso

    Great song, not a single, though, right?

  18. misterioso

    It was a b-side, but I’m going with Beck’s Bolero. Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Nicky Hopkins, John Paul Jones, Keith Moon. Rock on. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vuj5toLeyY8

  19. cliff sovinsanity

    Pince-nez… “Ttl Sht”

  20. Ah well, for tonight it is “Nowhere Road” by the Troggs & R.E.M.


    R.I.P.Reg Presley. So it goes.

  21. I’m going to have to respectfully decline that pince-nez (although the author was JD Considine not Charles M Young). From the author: “Probably the most famous thing I’ve ever written was a 1982 review of group GTR, led by Steve Howe from YES and Steve Hackett who used to be in Genesis. The title of the album was GTR and my review read “SHT.” People still talk about it.”

  22. cliff sovinsanity

    Really, ’cause my Rolling Stone record guide circa 1992 reads “Ttl Sht”. I swear dude.

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