Jan 312012

Don’t worry, Bryan’s all right.

This is not to make light of the Zeebrugge Disaster, involving the capsizing of a ferry in 1987, which killed 193 passengers and crew. I hope this effort raised money for the families. Cause aside, however, there are things you might find humorous in this (mostly minor) star-studded Ham-Off. What I’m curious to know, in the chronology of these “Aid” extravaganzas, is whether this is the last original Aid song of the genre? If the Aid Era started in 1984, with “Do They Know It’s Christmas,” and the 1989 Band Aid II version doesn’t count because it’s not an original Aid song, what Aid event marked the end of this era? Live 8 wasn’t quite the same. It’s a “8” event, not “Aid.”

But all that aside, who won this particular song?


  8 Responses to “Ferry Aid: The Aid to to End All Aids?”

  1. The music stand wins this, much staring at it — these are extremely complicated lyrics — Let — it — be.

    I will say it’s always nice to see Kate Bush.

  2. Reminds me of this, which I remember hearing on Beatles Sunday Brunch when it was released. http://youtu.be/BpUI70VlhF4

  3. cherguevara

    It is hard to criticize these things when the hearts are in the right place. And also when there are people you know in the video…


  4. misterioso

    Wow. That is flippin’ awful, and I don’t remember it. Pretty impressive for Kate Bush not to be even in the top 5 most annoying presences in a video.

  5. cherguevara

    Kate is so behind the beat, so almost falls off. Also, I wonder (without too much real consideration) if Steve Lillywhite is a rock-n-roll turncoat. He’s produced so much cool music but things like this, leading up to his production with Dave Matthews band, makes me think he’s lost the plot. Last good thing he did was The La’s, but he had his finger on the pulse for a damn long time.

  6. jeangray

    Mark Knopfler & Gary Moore in a guitar duel. C’mon!

  7. jeangray

    This one was really low-rent!

  8. So who was the guy I thought was Paul Weller, if Paul Weller wasn’t on the list at the end?

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