May 222014

I will forever associate this song with a few days I spent sick as a dog in a little house in the mountain town of my Italian relatives. On my cousins’ boom box I was able to pick up some station that played a loop of a the same dozen songs, including this, PiL’s “Poptones,” and the New York Dolls’ “Personality Crisis.” Not a bad soundtrack to my fever dreams. I even taped those dozen songs to bring home with me. That loop inspired what I feel was one of the first really good songs I ever wrote. I wrote the lyrics in that little bedroom and actually remembered enough of the tune to figure out the chords when I got back home.

Have you ever experienced an especially memorable loop of songs?


  3 Responses to “Fever Dreams”

  1. An RTH cliffhanger here. I can’t play the video (“An error occurred. Please try later”). And there’s no title given. Is this like a Name That Tune thread where we don’t get the audio even but have to guess from the clues given in the narrative?

  2. Sorry, I’ve fixed the video link. It’s one of the mosh-pit guys.

  3. Sorry, NOW I’ve got the right video fixed! I’m obsessed with that stupid Fear performance on SNL.

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