Jan 132007

We’ve set up a pretty standard blog format. If you’re familiar with blogs you’ll probably have no problem intuitively making your way about. If not, here’s the lowdown.

The Main Stage is the page that the blog defaults to. This page will include the most recent and the most important posts. At the top of each post there will be a post title (if it is orange then it is a link) and under that a “byline” with author and date/time posted. If you see an envelope icon here (or anywhere) then you click it and send an email to that person.

At the bottom of each post you will see either a Leave a comment or # comments (if there are comments posted) link but only if you have registered (more on this in the How To Register post below.) We require registration in order to post for anti-spamming reasons. Click the comment link and you can read and/or post a comment. If you don’t see a comment link then either you haven’t registered and/or the author hasn’t approved comments for that particular post.

The blog is set to show 10 posts before it goes to the next page. So if you’re looking for an older post you might want to click the Next link at the top or bottom of the page.

To the right of the main area is the Sidebar. At the top you can click to see the Last comments posted.

Below that will almost always be the current Poll. Pretty self explanatory. You can only vote once and after voting you can view the current results.

Some posts on Rock Town Hall fall under key Categories. Here you can explore different areas of the blog that may or may not be duplicated on The Main Stage. News is for news items. RTH Glossary is an ever growing list of RTH-originated terms with examples. (Great toilet reading if you have a laptop.) Also there is the Users Guide, which you must already know about if you’re reading this!

Archives are next. Pretty obvious I think.

That’s pretty much it. Oh yeah, if you click the RTH logo header at the top it will take you back to The Main Stage at any time.

Thank you for your attention.

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