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Jun 282014

not actually The Back Office

Apologies for the downage.  Still got some issues to clean up, but we are up and working.  Mercury was in retrograde.  Seriously.  It was.  In an effort to appease the masses, we offer a new LMS.

So many of the Last Man Standings start with “possibly the shortest LMS ever”.  It would, of course, be easy to deliberately create one with only one answer .  The Back Office has no intention of gaming the system and honestly hopes that there is more than our one valid response to…

Name a song that mentions Fonzie (Fonz, The Fonz, Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli or any variation that clearly references the Henry Winkler character from Happy Days).

Our offering is a new tune and is after the fold.

May 252014


I realize this is a subjective opinion but LinkedIn is one of, if not, THE most worthless social media thangs (sic) ever. If I had a nickel for each new business project I have directly, or indirectly, received via LinkedIn I would have roughly $0.

It is primarily a business-contact kinda site. Right? Right. So, imagine my surprise when I got this message:

I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.
– Keef
*From Keef Levene *

I replied with a frank question:

Are you perhaps the real Keith Levene?

He responded:

Feb 172014


The following message from The Back Office applies to any regular of the Hall who may be getting blocked from entering with an image of the Dream Police:

This anti-spam plugin we use blocks good-guys every now and then like this. Doesn’t/shouldn’t happen very often. Meanwhile it blocks over 8000 spammers every month. Let us know if you ever suffer this problem. You will be added to the whitelist and that should take care of it. Thanks.

May 062013


The “Latest Comments” plugin/page is not compatible with the newest version of WordPress. As we are consistently at the vanguard of technology it is not surprising that the tech-wannabes are unable to keep up with our majesty. Temporarily we must come together and continue to thrive and prosper despite this setback. A solution shall be conquered and we will prevail.

Carry on my wayward sons.

Thank you for your attention.


Apr 302013

Hello fellow Townsfolk. You might have noticed some new additions to the bottom of the RTH page. We are trying out some new features. Don’t be alarmed.

We are responding to the outcry received regarding the ability to listen to the latest Saturday Night Shut-In without having to find the post. At the very bottom you’ll see the new “This Week’s Saturday Night Shut-In” player. It has the latest SNSI cued up and ready to be played. If you click the list button (4 horizontal lines) a playlist will reveal the previous 3 SNSIs. The player will auto-advance to the next one when the one playing ends or you can click the >> advance button or click on the individual SNSI in the playlist or click the random arrows to go for Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Click inside the white volume area to increase or decrease the volume.

There is one kink here that we in The Back Office haven’t conquered yet, but we’ll say the player is 90% operational (that’s an A-).

Above that is our new social media bar where you can click to visit our Twitter, Facebook or YouTube page. On the right side you can FB Like us. Also you can Tweet or g+ whatever page you are on. Who does that google+ thing? The Back Office is skeptical.

OK, so what if these new things are an eyesore for you? Well, got that covered. Click the “X” and the player will hide. Click the white down arrow “” (but pointing down) and the social bar will hide. Voila! The X and arrow will still be visible if you want to open them back up.

If you have issues or ideas, this is the place to air them.

Thank you for your attention.

The Back Office




Nov 302012

Attention, babies.

Action Mick has asked me to relay the following statement;

Action Mick has spoken.

Yes, he refers to himself in the third-person… Below is the official RTH casting for Rolling Stones: The Movie.

Casting is closed, babies.

As you know, our new BFFs over at Simon & Schuster, actually S&S imprint Gallery Books, has provided The Hall with 3 copies of this new release, Mick: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger to give away. Our personal favorite review is:

Hot tub reading at its very tingliest.
– National Post

Click here to read more about the book.

Below the fold, as they say, are the three winners of the contest…


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