Mar 082010

How many bands has Sammy been in?

Six degrees of separation got me to this YouTube performance of “A Whiter Shade of Pale”: Hagar Style.

Neil Schon has a pretty cool (if heavily ’80s processed) tone one this, even kinda does a “Little Wing” part at the beginning.

I just looked this up on Wikipedia and it looks like this live version was actually the single (they recorded two live shows, removed the crowd noise and used the tracks for their “studio” record).


  8 Responses to “Fire Up the Way-Back Machine to 1984: HSAS”

  1. Mr. Moderator

    I love Schon’s Look of Surprise at his own playing at the 1:38-1:40 mark. I may need to do a Face Analysis on Schon someday, if I can stomach looking at him for more than a few minutes.

    Who’s been dressing Sammy Hagar through the years? Surprisingly this version of the song is not too bad considering the musicians involved. Hagar’s voice has more in common with that Journey singer’s voice than I ever considered.

    I think I now need to head over to the RTH Confessional for having shared these relatively positive thoughts.

  2. hrrundivbakshi

    Here’s my question: at what point backstage did Hagar wrap that bandanna around his bicep, and what was he thinking when he did so?

    SH: (thinks) Yeahhh… gonna get me a little bandanna action on the guns… looks fuckin COOL. Awoooo!

  3. misterioso

    hrrundivbakshi, I can only assume he had a cut on his arm and he was afraid the vast quantities of suckiness contained within him would leak out — suckiness reserves he would have to draw on to give the audience what they came for. And that would be “suckiness.”

  4. I remember quite a lot of limb-bandanas this year.

    Checking Neal’s guitar, how stoked do you think he was with his sticker job? Did he take care, using alcohol or Windex to slip it on and make sure it was properly horizontal and just the right distance between the bridge and button? Did his tech do it for him?

  5. 2000 Man

    I had that album on a cassette. I’m pretty sure I bought it, too. I think it was called Through the Fire, and I remember thinking it was pretty good. I always hated Journey but I thought that for that style of playing, Neil Schon was never that part that made everything awful. I also thought it was about time Sammy Hagar did something besides Montrose that actually seemed like it had value.

    After the car ate the tape, I never replaced it, though.

  6. Can you guys familiar with this confirm that the drummer is Michael Shrieve, the oriinal Santana drummer. Also, although I have little opinion of Schon’s Journey guitar playing, he was very good on the Santana III album. Seriously.

  7. Mr. Moderator

    Yes, I’m pretty sure that’s the drummer. I included a link to a Wikipedia page on the band. The name, HSAS, stands for the musicians’ names. It’s one of those Law Firm Rock Bands: Hagar, Schon, some other Asshole, and Shrieve.

    It’s funny how Schon’s playing is the least of his problems. I agree with 2K that his playing was not a large contributor to the pure evil that was Journey – for me. His attitude is what drove me nuts.

  8. 1:07-1:10 = Sammy Hagar playing air washboard. And really, who wouldn’t?

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