Apr 242012

I forgot to mention that I saw late last night that Flying Burrito Brothers bassist Chris Etheridge died yesterday at the age of 65. Etheridge co-wrote “Hot Burrito #1” with Gram Parsons. I suppose as a goof Etheridge is playing drums in this video.

I didn’t realized he’d been spending his recent days as part of Willie Nelson‘s band, but what do I know about the world of country music?

I also didn’t realize Etheridge left the Burritos after their first album, The Gilded Palace of Sin. I like that one and the follow up a a lot. I thought that group of musicians had a great vibe together that I never enjoyed half as much in their various post-Burritos incarnation. After Gram Parsons left the Flying Burrito Brothers Etheridge would hook up again with his old International Submarine Band co-conspirator on Parsons’ solo albums.


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