May 062013


The “Latest Comments” plugin/page is not compatible with the newest version of WordPress. As we are consistently at the vanguard of technology it is not surprising that the tech-wannabes are unable to keep up with our majesty. Temporarily we must come together and continue to thrive and prosper despite this setback. A solution shall be conquered and we will prevail.

Carry on my wayward sons.

Thank you for your attention.



  2 Responses to “For Your Information”

  1. The Back Office

    “Latest Comments” is back!…sort of. Can’t get it to show the full comment if it over like 110 characters but they all have links that will take you to the precise comment.

    It’s a PHP issue. Any PHP-heads out there?

  2. At first glance the abbreviated teaser format has its merits. Thanks for hammering away on this stuff.

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