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Nov 032011

Man, Greg Cartwright is one of my rock ‘n roll heroes, and this is a swell little EP that they’re giving away on Scion’s website. If you’re not familiar, The Reigning Sound is a terrific little band, just tight enough to keep it from sounding sloppy and just loose enough to keep it fun. I’ve only had a chance to listen to a little of it, but I’m liking what I hear. I hope it comes out on vinyl someday.—Abdication…For-Your-Love


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  1. hrrundivbakshi

    Just listened through. The first few trackkksss are a bit too garage-revivalist for my taste, but the remainder are really, really good! I’ll be downloading!

  2. I was a frequent customer of Greg’s when he was still in Memphis, not to mention that we’d run into each other out and about town. He’s the real deal and that’s for sure. When he moved to the Carolinas, it was a real loss to Memphis music.

    The few times I got to see Reigning Sound at some of the local dives, I likened them to seeing The Beatles in Hamburg. I can only imagine what those raw and racous shows must have been like.

    As he would say, “That’s pretty tough.”


  3. 2000 Man

    HVB, I love the garage rock Greg Cartwright seems to be able to punch out with a stunninbg regularity. I seem to think it’s all fantastic, too. But the other songs are the ones that keep me coming back and buying new records because they just seem to creep up on me and surprise me.

    TB, I buy records from a guy in Asheville once in a great while, and he does some DJ sets with Greg now and then. Between the two of them they probably have every obscure totally kick ass unheard soul/garage/punk 45 ever released. I bet their nights as DJ’s are like a lesson in everything that’s ever been wrong with the music industry, but you get to dance to it. Greg seems to be a real humble guy. His Live at the Circle A album is really cool and I hope the next time he comes to my town I’m actually in it. The last few times I’ve been at least 100 miles away the night they were here.

  4. I downloaded this last night but have not yet had time to listen. I like what I’ve heard by this hand in the past. Thanks for the tip.

  5. Yeah, Greg is responsible for me losing several bucks and turning me on to some really GREAT power pop records. Not only did he share the original Ardent 45 single of “In The Street”, a “live-in-the-studio” alternate mix that wasn’t really widely available until the release of the box set, but he also sold me an Ardent 45 of a band called the Hot Dogs tearing through a version of “Walk The Line” that stands firmly between being sublime and alternately ridiculous.


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