2000 Man

2000 Man

Jun 082016

I’ve heard people say they think there’s something wrong with this video. I mean, it sounds like a note for note copy of a Bon Jovi song to me. It’s utterly, completely perfect, and I can’t tell the difference between this and an original Bon Jovi song. Am I missing something?

Nov 262012

Well, I’m glad they actually made a real video because it actually seems like they’re working. As far as Rock videos go, I think this one is pretty good, especially if you think about that Bjork video I just watched. I think they may have a different take or mix on this version, too. The guitars sound more bitey and I like this a lot more than I did a few weeks ago. Oh, there’s brief boobity in it, so it may not be safe for work.

Oct 122012

Well, after the entirely craptastic A Bigger Bang, I didn’t expect much from the new Stones song, which is one of two that will be on their latest catalog cash grab, GRRRR! (which has a terrible cover as well as some truly spotty song choices on it). But I like this song. It sounds pretty okay, but I’ve only listened to it once. So I guess The Stones aren’t extinct!

Apr 062012

Hey, I’m not a guitar player, and Mike Campbell certainly isn’t one of my guitar gods, but I found this little video pretty interesting. For you guitar players, the fact that there’s <i>fourteen</i> more of these to follow may be like getting a bonus season of Justified. But Mike seems to be a good guy, and he starts at the beginning and when he name drops, it’s not for showing off. I didn’t even know he had a blog.


Apr 052012

I know, I did it to myself. What did I expect? I listened to Classic Rock radio this afternoon and it’s just so stale that I swear, it sucks the very will to live right out of you. So my mind was wandering while they were playing “Start Me Up,” which is a pretty good song by my favorite band in the whole world. But I was just thinking, “maybe I should just turn on my mp3 player or NPR.”

Then I started thinking that the Oldies station doesn’t play a steady diet of Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry. In fact, they seem to have made these kinds of great artists almost invisible. I was thinking that wasn’t such a bad thing. If I were a big fan, I could listen to them until I couldn’t bear it anymore anyway. I started thinking that when Classic Rock radio became a format, it was pretty much just Rock radio, and they played old stuff and new stuff (much like people actually do in their cars and homes). Then I thought, “Program Directors need a Death Panel!”

But like our Nation’s Death Panels, these Panels need to be made up of people who care. People with a vested interest. People for whom cutting these songs out of the rotation to make some room for something new are actually going to be affected by this action. I figured if I were on this Panel, I’d have to make those hard decisions about my favorite band, The Rolling Stones, but I wouldn’t be able to chime in about a band like Led Zeppelin, which I can’t stand. It just wouldn’t be fair because I don’t have a vested interest.

So I thought members of the Hall would be good candidates for this heavy burden. We’ve got to do something! These Program Directors are obviously in way over their heads, too attached to their heroes to make rational decisions to help get some decent new Rock on the radio.

Will you step up and make the hard decisions? I’ll start off by making my own cuts. I’ll miss these songs on the radio dearly, but I understand we just can’t support them anymore. It’s for the younger generation. It’s for the greater good. Can you help cut 5 songs from your favorites?

  1. Start Me Up. There may be no song with more private support, with all the plays it gets in stadiums and on TV.
  2. Miss You. It’s great for dancing and parties, but it’s a pretty long song, and a lot of new artists will benefit from the amount of air time freed up.
  3. Gimme Shelter. A stone cold classic, and I truly love the song, but Martin Scorcese has promised to use it in every movie he makes anyway.
  4. Brown Sugar. I’m pretty sure a riff like that will never die. It doesn’t need any more help on the Public airwaves.
  5. Angie – I love it. I really do, but face it, there are plenty of other ballads every bit as deserving.

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