Apr 202012

Gov. Christie plays "The Big Man" to (NOT) Bruce Springsteen.

This (and the stories to which this piece links) may be among the Top 5 newspaper stories I’ve ever read. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie responded—in depth—to reports that he fell asleep during a recent Bruce Springsteen show at Madison Square Garden. Love or leave the man’s politics, I think there’s something refreshingly pathetic and true in Christie’s retort. He’d be a lot of fun to have posting here in the Halls of Rock.

“When I was fist-pumping during ‘Badlands’ I’m glad nobody took pictures of that. When I was singing to ‘Out In The Street,’ no one took pictures of that. When I was contorting myself to ‘Because The Night’ no one took pictures of that,” he said.

So try this: ask a friend or loved one to read this story to you. As the governor did while listening to that “spiritual” new Boss song, lean back your head and close your eyes. Then try to imagine the all the photos Christie is thankful no one shot that night.


  One Response to “New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s Spirit in the Night”

  1. (Hiding face in shame that this man is governor of my state…)

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