May 072014


In the recent, bizarre Twins thread, MrHuman mentioned that Bruce Springsteen has an original song called “Tomorrow Never Knows” that is NOT a cover of the Beatles’ song by that name. What really stuck in my mind, however, was MrHuman’s belief that The Boss has never done a Beatles cover. That’s hard to believe (didn’t he sing “Imagine” the night Lennon was killed?), but I’ll take him at his word, especially because it got me thinking about what Beatles song I could imagine Springsteen covering, and how much I would be likely be irked by that cover.

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Nov 052012

We’ve danced around this issue for too long: Which version of “Blinded by the Light” do you like better, Manfred Mann & The Earth Band‘s hit version or The Boss‘ original?

Which version of "Blinded by the Light" do you like better, Manfred Mann & The Earth Band's hit version or The Boss' original?

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Be honest. There’s nothing to be gained by trying to find the “cool” answer.

If you need a refresher on these versions, check out each version…after the jump!

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Aug 312012

I paid very little attention to the 2012 GOP Convention. I plan on paying about as little attention to the Democrats’ upcoming pep rally as well. In the little bit I’ve watched, however, I have been attuned to the event’s musical references.

The first night I only watched my adopted homeboy, New Jersey’s Chris Christie. He made a reference to The Boss within his opening sentence or two. Mad props—and respect—to the new Big Man for citing Darkness on the Edge of Town rather than a popular choice like either of the Born… albums. Man of the People and would-be popular guy Christie sure as hell wasn’t going to cite some loner critical darling like Nebraska. Good opening move by the Republicans, if you ask me: +8 points.

Tonight I watched Clint Eastwood make threats against our President. I didn’t notice any music associated with his speech. The Clint of Play Misty for Me seemed long gone: -2 points.

Next I watched way too much of Mitt Romney‘s speech. Politics aside, that guy bores me. It’s as if John Kerry came back to life a Republican. During the 40 minutes of fluff and 4th-rate SNL jokes I heard Mitt made some reference to his iPod playlist being better than running mate Paul Ryan‘s. Something tells me a comparison of their playlists would not be a Clash of the Titans, nor even include a lame Clash song like “Should I Stay (or Should I Go).” The whole “playlist” thing gets on my nerves too: -7 points.

I did hear Michael Jackson‘s “Man in the Mirror” playing while Mitt took the stage. I kind of like that song when the chorus kicks in, the way I kind of like “Kokomo.” I felt good for Michael. In the afterlife he has achieved acceptance as a white person: +4 points.

A friend on Facebook said that Romney also played James Brown‘s “Living in America.” Supposedly Al Sharpton was pissed about that. I’ve always thought Sharpton was an opportunistic fraud, and I always thought “Living in America” was an opportunistic, fraudulant JB record, so much so that it’s not worth worrying over: 0 points.

What did I miss (musically)? Please rate the GOP Convention’s musical moments on a +/-10-point scale. We will hold the Democrats to the same degree of scrutiny.

Jul 242012

I saw this little blurb in my newspaper back home about a New Yorker article on Bruce Sprinsteen (aka “The Boss”). Dave Marsh, who is quoted here,  has long been rock’s reddest, rawest smacked ass, but The Boss does his part, as always, to build his legend. I don’t care if he ever writes 30 songs I love, I’ll always be annoyed by this guy’s routine and the fawning that refuses to die. Too bad. He does and stands for some things I love.

I’ve been in Monterey, California the last 24 hours. It’s my second or third time in this delightful town. One thing, however, really bugs me: the only reason I ever knew and cared about Monterey growing up was the Monterey Pop Festival of 1967. The film of that festival was part of young hippie education. I’ve not yet found a Monterey Pop Festival t-shirt in this town. No offense to fans of Steinbeck, sea life, and the old canning industry, but is that too much to ask?


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