Jun 032021

Greetings RTH Community,

It’s Lady Gergely here to let you know that today is the birthday of the wildly entertaining, bitingly funny, famously controversial, and endlessly charming EPG!

Please join me in wishing my favorite person a glorious day by posting a music video or rock clip for him. Something that will make him laugh, cry, or howl into the ether. Something that screams EPG to you.

I look forward to your responses!

Lady Gergely


  22 Responses to “Happy Birthday, EPG!”

  1. Happy birthday, EPG. You and Lady Gergely have been a big part of my keeping my sanity during the last year-plus.

    I immediately sought out a live version of this song to poke fun at EPG and his whole animality concept, but then I realized that animals can also be formalistic and romantic. There’s something much sweeter about this earnest performance of a song that I usually resist liking and, instead, allow to grate on me. Not today. Much like I can get past the things that can bug me about my friend, I am taking this day to embrace not only my surprisingly romantic buddy but this song.


  2. hrrundivbakshi

    Hippy barf day, Gergs. I suspect you’ll enjoy this at least as much as I did, which was quite a lot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juJRLwHom5M

    Your pal,


  3. Perfect beginning for a birthday! Thanks for the videos! Especially looking forward to watching the Ronnie Wood thing.

    Just for the record, I don’t believe in any of that Charlie Watts nonsense. He’s playing on 98 percent of the tracks. You won’t hear a Ringo “Rain” performance from him, but nothing from the Stones has warranted that kind of thing. He’s certainly not fancy, but he’s always as solid as a rock, always doing what’s best for the song, “Stupid Girl”, “Under My Thumb”, “Out of Time”, etc. are all perfect because he delivered the subtle touches all those tracks needed.

    I have this weird family thing going on with the Stones. I’m very defensive about them. I have no problem going back and forth with my sister and brothers about my younger brother’s bizarre politics, but God forbid some outsider chooses to go after him.

  4. Hippy Happy Birthday, EPG. Tell me you wouldn’t let someone cut off your pinky toe in exchange for being allowed back in time to see this performance in person. So nice, they do it twice.


    I’ve heard these guys ended up doing alright.

  5. hrrundivbakshi

    Chicken, that Beatles clip is boss! Can’t believe I’d never seen it before.

  6. Chicken, for the record, that clip is thee holy grail of all rock related videos. I’ve watched it at least 300 times. And one more thing, “Some Other Guy” is one of my favorite Beatles numbers, and it was apparently done by just about every Liverpool band. It’s a song I’ve been obsessed with for years. The original by Richie Barrett is really nothing to write home about, yet the appeal of the thing among the Mersey groups was/is Ripley’s. The Beatles took it and turned it into a serious crowd pleaser. For fellow diehards of the song, I think you’ll find this clip pretty cool:


    Throughout the RTH years, I have asked the Moderator to create a space for an RTH video library for utterly selfish reasons as well as for the greater good of expanding rock knowledge. The archive should definitely include the “Some Other Guy” clip Keef’s Old Grey Whistle Test interview, Hall and Oates’ “She’s Gone” video, the Magma workout, etc. For my birthday, I ask that members of the Hall urge the moderator to create a space for the links. I’m in the car a lot, and a library of go to favorites might be the very thing that keeps me awake at the wheel.

  7. One more incredible piece of footage. I’d take every cent out of the bank to have been there:


  8. To the man with the tightest pockets I know – both literally and figuratively because EPG hasn’t bought shorts since he graduated from high school. Rock on renaissance man and stay gold. May the sound of stretched packing tape ring from the highest bell towers and buzz of a fresh can of Rolling Rock warm your soul.


  9. Happy Birthday! I have two video offerings for you. I have no idea if you will like them because even after almost 20 years of hanging out with you on line, I am still unable to discern any sort of pattern in the music you like. As near as I can tell, it’s the Beatles, Herman’s Hermits, and then the opposite of whatever the person you are talking to at the time likes.

    First, my current obsession: Fanny – Ain’t That Peculiar. https://youtu.be/imZUqkPlUaQ?t=103
    I’m trying to figure out how to play this in order to improve my piss poor attempts at playing bass.

    Second, Jesse Winchester on Elvis Costello’s show. https://youtu.be/bGabTMx8mOM
    I think I posted this before. Neko Case ends up in tears before the song is over. I watched this almost every weekend night since the pandemic began. I don’t know what it is about this song because in another person’s hands, I would find this incredibly cheesy, but here I find it nostalgic in a way that seems to look back fondly on the past as opposed to lamenting the time that has slipped away.

    I wish you many fantastic record collection finds and many winning hands in rummy in the upcoming year.

  10. I freaking LOVE those “here’s how you exactly play a Beatles song” obsessive videos. They never cease to fascinate me. It’s like seeing a video of how a mind blowing magic trick is done. Too bad the Beatles in a church basement video is so short. What a golden nugget.

  11. A couple of quick notes.

    I urge all to watch the Fanny clip. Hands down the most interesting rock related video I’ve seen as of late. Fanny must be a Philadelphia thing. I can always count on a Fanny album or two when I buy a collection from some local 70s burnout who had a taste for Sea Train, Mayall, Lindisfarne, etc.

    I’ve gotta run an errand, but I’ll check out the Jesse Winchester video when I get back. He too is in those collections.

    Chickenfrank, you and I have a lot in common, Here’s another good one. If you’re one of those nuts like me, you’ve at least attempted to master this one:


    Moderator, you have until the weekend to post the library. Upon creation, I would like it named in my honor, something like “The RTH Gergely Video Archive” will suffice.

  12. Yes. Tried and given up. OK, RTH spare me the “Get a Room, you two!” for one more link. I at least understand guitar parts. This deconstruction is so over my head it makes me a little sad. I’m just glad there are/were real musicians that come up with it, and then very talented nerds that waste their time unraveling it.


  13. Back from “errands”. Bought a huge record collection, the highlight of which was a clean promo copy of Black Sabbath’s Paranoid. Very, very nice.

    CDM, the Jesse Winchester song is super. I can’t believe his voice still has that same “Get Together” sound. I’m not surprised Neko Case couldn’t hold back the tears.

    Chicken, next time you’re over here, we’re getting out the guitars and what not and going through some Beatles’ stuff. It never ceases to amaze me when I figure out one of their parts and unlock the magic behind the craft work. It does nothing but strengthen my fascination.

  14. cherguevara

    Happy Birthday EPG, I hope you receive the complete Steely Dan discography on 8-track!

  15. Happiness Stan

    Happy birthday EPG! Just for you, a legendary Old Grey Whistle Test performance, notable especially for the moment about half a minute from the end which inspired the song “Real Years in Both Eyes”

    Hope you have a good one


  16. EPG,

    You’ve confused Jesse Winchester with Jesse Colin Young.

    Happy Birthday anyway and may that be the worst mistake you ever make!

  17. Just to be clear, and since you may even concede that this is a great folk rock production, possibly on the level of Mickey Most’s Donovan work, here’s the other guy. And of course, this gives you an opportunity to tee off on me that you may relish.


  18. Good morning all!

    Che, I have no problems with Steely Dan. They have a solid greatest hits album. I’m not on board with the Moderator and his “too many chords” nonsense. They may be obsessed with jazz fusion and coke, but if that’s what it takes to come up with “Rikki, Don’t Lose That Number,” please feel free to spend as much time as necessary sculpting lines on the back of the john to get the job done.

    Happiness, I thought the Family video was Ripley’s until you turned in that winner from the Old Grey Whistle Test. Please fill me in. Why do I know nothing about that duo?

    Geo, I always get the two Jesses mixed up. I did it again about a week ago at the Moderator’s. He always has to correct me. Know that both delivered in the clips that were posted.

    What a birthday! I can’t thank everyone up here enough for helping me make my day a real winner. RTH rules!!!!

  19. garlic salt

    Happy Birthday EPG! Though I have only been here a short time, I have appreciated his trolling and unique musical tastes. I’m going to leave him a video that I’m fairly sure he will dislike as much as he has disliked most of my posts. A modern rap artist covering a Rage Against the Machine Song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZY4ywyFXdik

  20. Garlic eater, you’re correct about the video. In the words of James Ellroy, enjoying that kind of thing requires an acquired taste I don’t want to acquire.

    Your posts are a whole ‘nother matter. Your “Band Of Theseus” treatise was the best thing we’ve seen up here in a long time. It was original and super clever. Know that I regret not putting in my two cents. It must have been one of those weeks when I had a lot of calls, driving, and trips to the post office. We’ve needed new blood up here for some time, new blood with talent. That’s clearly you.

    I look forward to what you’ll be serving up in the future. Have a great weekend. And at some point or another, make it a point to watch Mare of Eastwood. It’s solid as a rock.

  21. Salt, my 2 cents. I’m not a fan of that “singing” style, but that rocks pretty well. The energy reminds me of the Fugazi video I love; how everyone seems to honestly be pulling in the same direction and manner. I like how everyone is kind of in a slow simmering boil at the open, and then they all take it to the next head whipping level when the song kicks in. It’s hard to be keyboard player and still join in the head whips. I just like it when a band really seems to be working like a team with no one over OR underplaying the vibe.

  22. garlic salt

    Thanks for the kind words EPG. Know that my insults are meant with love and I’ll throw that on my watchlist.

    Chickenfrank, that’s what I love about the video too. I actually dislike RATM and I liked Tom Morello way better in Audioslave, but this cover just has fantastic energy.

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