Lady Gergely

Jun 032021

Greetings RTH Community,

It’s Lady Gergely here to let you know that today is the birthday of the wildly entertaining, bitingly funny, famously controversial, and endlessly charming EPG!

Please join me in wishing my favorite person a glorious day by posting a music video or rock clip for him. Something that will make him laugh, cry, or howl into the ether. Something that screams EPG to you.

I look forward to your responses!

Lady Gergely

Apr 262020

Dear Mr. Moderator,

Your good friend and my husband, the notorious EPG, has been talking an awful lot of nonsense up here about Led Zeppelin, and giving you a really hard time. I’m writing to let you know that it’s been quite insufferable to listen to him while quarantined. Given our shared appreciation for Zeppelin, I thought I should make you aware of Mr. Gergely’s true opinions regarding Zep’s merits as a band. So, here’s a peek behind the velvet rope.   

We all know how Pluribus likes to talk, run the show, and generally cause trouble. All that’s entertaining, but it can also be absolutely infuriating. During the past week, while he was going on and on about Zeppelin not “delivering the goods,” I peppered him with titles to (re)consider. As I barked out song after song, his responses were more often than not “oh, that’s a good one” or “ yeah, I like that one too.” Since, according to EPG, most ’60s American albums contained 11-12 tracks, he decided to see if he could come up with a list of his favorite 11 song titles. You should know that although he never thought he’d be able to gather the proposed list of 11, he struggled to limit his selections. He had a considerable number of contenders that were difficult to discard. Below are the Led Zeppelin songs that E. Pluribus Gergely admitted to loving without reservations. 


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