Oct 032009

The ongoing Hear Factor series continues with Five Stars, a mix of rock ‘n roll that, in terms of hitting anyone’s discomfort zone, will likely challenge those of you who fear the relatively new and/or rock ‘n roll. I’m pretty sure you won’t fall in the latter camp, so get with it, stick in the muds: download the following file, unzip, and live with this mix for a few days. Then report back your experiences, making sure to mark your growth as a human being. Thanks.

Five Stars (~45 MB)

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  One Response to “Hear Factor, deux: Five Stars”

  1. See, you should’ve pegged me for this mix, not that old-timey one. Because this is exactly the kind of rock that I find unremarkable and generic. This is based on an extremely superficial and distracted first listen, however. I’m not quite sure what it is that distinguishes my distinction between a throw-away rocker and something that makes me want to jump up and down (think “back in black”) and more listening is needed to be fair. But first impression is that there isn’t much about these songs that I find engaging. And I can’t wait for you to post my mix to hear what others say!

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