Dec 212009

Just a few more long-delayed Hear Factor, deux comps to run this week! This mix contains a lot of newish, Prock-oriented stuff that will likely appeal to Hrrundivbakshi and his Jellyfish supporters, so I’d most encourage our anti-Prockist Townspeople to settle in with this mix for a day or two. It’s not all heavy duty Prock, though. There’s a good deal of laid-back, melodic stuff, along the lines of Crowded House. Enjoy!

Mixorama (~68 MB)

What’s Hear Factor?


  3 Responses to “Hear Factor, deux: Mixorama”

  1. No track 5?

  2. Mr. Moderator

    Mmmm, I don’t know what happened to Track 5. Sorry about that. If I come across the file I’ll get it in there. Thanks.

  3. Just a housekeeping note. There are a number of these Hear Factor collections up here which never got track listings. It does help me absorb them, giving some idea at least if I’m listening to one artist or several, making connections between artists, etc. I know that the “anonymous” tagging on the tracks is intended to enable us to “listen without prejudice”, and on first blush it might help, but ultimately I like to know what I’m hearing. Also, the original idea of Hear Factor, (Damn, I sound like the old man I am.) was that you would be confronted not so much by the unknown, but rather the unpalatable taste that some other Townsman considered Gourmet fare. HVB could deliver a disc full of AC/DC to our resident Gnome music expert, and he would try to hear what qualities in the music so entertain HVB. Not so much the unknown, but the unappreciated. Sometimes a little information helps to see that other point of view.

    PS If you post, my Hear Factor contribution, throw the titles on there. It would facilitate the discussion since the guy has produced such a wie ranging body of work.

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