Aug 092011

According to REM bassist Mike Mills, “It’s impossible.”

As you ponder this question, enjoy the battle of the network nimwits that plays out around the level-headed, mother-loving bassist.


  13 Responses to “How Would You Define REM’s Sound?”

  1. Hmm… That does seem like an impossible task but I’ll give it go: “Jangley arpeggio guitar chords, mumbled lead vocals and a single high harmony background vocal all of which combine to occupy the space between the Byrds and the Velvet Underground.” Holy shit! I totally nailed it!

  2. Thanks Mr. Mod — I got a kick out of that interview!

    In today’s parlance, they are securely in the rock/folk category — the space filled by The Decemberists, Fleet Foxes. In Sirius/XM radio parlance they are now a “Legacy Artist” — which drives me up the wall.

    And I can’t resist. Photos of Mike Mills playing golf..

  3. shawnkilroy

    southern, bland, pretentious.

  4. tonyola

    I was going to say something along those lines but I figure I’d be hounded for being overly smartass. Glad you broke the ice and let me add “earnest, boring, self-absorbed” to your list.

  5. misterioso

    You can’t be overly smartass when it comes to REM, surely.

  6. Not in these parts, that’s for sure!

    BTW, what’s with Mills’ Look? Was he a big fan of Oliver-era Brady Bunch?

  7. tonyola

    I’m thinking more like “Froggy” from The Young Rascals.

  8. misterioso

    Perhaps he was getting hair-do tips from Bill Gates.

  9. misterioso

    tony, when I first read that I thought you meant the band the Young Rascals. Funny.

  10. tonyola

    Actually, it was The Little Rascals for the films, wasn’t it?

  11. machinery

    Is he wearing mom jeans?

  12. 2000 Man

    Occasionaly boring?

  13. misterioso

    Yes, exactly! No wonder I was confused.

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