Jun 082016

I’ve heard people say they think there’s something wrong with this video. I mean, it sounds like a note for note copy of a Bon Jovi song to me. It’s utterly, completely perfect, and I can’t tell the difference between this and an original Bon Jovi song. Am I missing something?


  9 Responses to “I Don’t Get It…”

  1. mockcarr

    I never thought I’d say this, but…that band needs Yoko

  2. This. This is why you can’t leave. When I think of how bleak my life would have been if I’d never heard this sublimity…

  3. 2000 Man

    It’s hard to believe that the drummer gets such a great sound out of a desk.

  4. Is this actually a Bon Jovi song? I have trouble identifying even their crappiest big hits – or should I say their biggest crappy hits. If it’s a Bon Jovi cover it’s actually better than the real thing.

    What I like best, however, is the candy striper stage.

  5. I love how the inside of the garage is painted like a field/woods – a perfect trompe l’oeil.

    But, ‘fess up 2000 Man – what were you searching for when you found this?

  6. 2000 Man

    Al, I’d love to take credit for actually “finding” this, but I saw it on a Facebook post and in the comments everyone was aghast. So I kind of thought, “What’s to be upset about? That’s exactly what Bon Jovi sounds like to me.” So I said it and like two people thought it was funny and everyone else acted like I just shit on The Eagles or the Beatles. So I filed it away to remember to post here because I figured you guys would see the merits in it, and that my dumb joke would get a little more sympathy. Kinda figured I’d better get on the stick if I was gonna make that happen!

  7. Timely too with Bon Jovi doing those Direct TV commercials!

  8. At least nobody is wearing shorts on stage.

  9. ladymisskirroyale

    I just got back from Berlin,and one of the highlights of the trip was going out to a farm where there was a kiddy festival, and there was a band playing covers of 80’s American pop songs in German and in a different key. It didn’t sound much different than this, but with more energy.

    I thought for a few moments this was a warped cover of “It’s My Life” by Talk Talk. Mr Royale recognizes this song as a cover of an actual Bon Jovi Song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vx2u5uUu3DE

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