Feb 062013

Don’t bail on me, HVB. I’m used to you not answering direct questions in our occasional offlist conversations, but this question cannot be ignored.

I stumbled across this Justin Timberlake song while flipping stations in the car last night. It quickly caught my ear with its vaguely “Be Thankful For What You Got” vibe and odd (fake?) Earth Wind & Fire-style horns. I stuck with it. I even made it through the—SPOILER ALERT—rap break. And is that sampled swirling strings from the intro to Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes‘ “Wake Up Everybody” I hear at this song’s conclusion? Talk about a way to your Moderator’s heart!

Check this song out (don’t worry about actually watching the video). Can we agree on a contemporary pop song?


  16 Responses to “I SUMMON HVB: Can We Agree on a Contemporary Pop Song?”

  1. jeangray

    S’alright, but there is better stuff out there.

  2. misterioso

    If by agree you mean can we agree that that is sucky , then, yes, of course we can agree!

    How about this one? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QK8mJJJvaes I gotta admit, it makes me like the Timberlake a little more.

    Apparently this is popular, too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvCBSSwgtg4 I don’t care for this in totally different ways than the others. That must be a good sign!

    The search goes on.

  3. That goes without saying, Sherlock:)

    I’m dismayed that hrrundivbakshi continues to ignore my question.

  4. jeangray

    How about this Police wannabe? http://youtu.be/e-fA-gBCkj0

  5. hrrundivbakshi

    Sorry for seeming like I’ve been ducking you, Moddie. Work’s been cray-cray lately. I listened to the first few minutes of this tune while wolfing down a sandridge, and found it “meh.” I believe the number one song in the nation right now is that new thrift store rap thing, and I quite enjoy it. Here it is, in case you’re new to it:


  6. Your comment and link brings up the thought that I had yesterday that there is quite a bit of backlash against The Lumineers since they became popular — a band the New York Times called “dullards” yesterday in a review of a Lindi Ortega concert.

  7. I hope you know I was giving you some friendly fire. No real sense of ducking was being felt!

    Shoot, I thought we’d be able to high five over this one. Another day, my friend, we shall extend hands over a contemporary pop song!

  8. This is not released until March but is already in the UK Top 100. It sounds like a pop song to me & it doesn’t offend me (which is a start). In fact the bloody thing is stuck in my head now.

  9. bostonhistorian

    The thrift store rap made me laugh.

  10. cliff sovinsanity

    Are we in a Police flashback era? First that Gotye song, then the Bruno Mars song jeangray highlighted and now The 1975. I must admit the song is very catchy, but is the American teenage army ready for these guys.

  11. I dug the slow beginning of the Timberlake thing, but once the tempo picked up, it didn’t do much for me. Also, weirdly, the sound of the song especially at the beginning sounded very much like D’Angelo’s Voodoo record from about 10 years ago. I really like that one.


    Macklemore was totally entertaining.

  12. Getting out of the car last week I ejected the Eddie Hazel cd I was listening to and on the top ten station my daughter must of had on I heard some pop song that had done gone and ripped it’s hook note for note and timbre for timbre from ‘Cecila’, I got into an argument with my wife about who owes who, and now I just heard that same hook on the commercial for the Grammys. Does Rhymin’ Simon qualify for a half-grammy or something? WHAT UP WIT DAT, BRO?

  13. YES, my younger boy likes that song! I’m pretty sure it’s by that band fun.. (Don’t they use a period in their name? When I end a sentence with their name must I add a second period?)

  14. As I recently mentioned, I’m getting a crash course in top 40 because the kids have started commandeering the car radio.

    If I have to choose from radio’s recent offerings, I would go with either the Bruno Mars song that jeangray mentioned, or Moves like Jagger by Maroon 5 (it’s been out for a while but I heard it this morning): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEPTlhBmwRg

    And while I don’t particularly like it, that Kesha song gets stuck in my head: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOubzHCUt48

    Before anyone starts getting concerned about my kids’ musical welfare, I should mention that my son has set his ipod alarm for the past week so that he wakes up to Panic in Detroit.

  15. jeangray

    Me mind is blown at the prospect of late-teens/20somethings in 2013 discovering the Police for the first time.

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