Apr 082013

We here in the Halls of Rock Town are sometimes taken to task for being overly negative, snarky, hyper-critical, and all too often, just downright rude. As part of our collective efforts to bring a bit of sunshine and light to the world wide web, we occasionally make an extra effort effort to find something good to say about, you know, stuff that is clearly godawful.

It is in that spirit that we embark on yet another effort to bring some positivity to our proceedings. Please spend some quality time with the video above, then—if you can—please find something nice to say about it. You’ll feel a whole lot better, I promise you.

I look forward to your comments. Just remember, if you can’t say anything nice about this video… please don’t say anything at all.


  7 Responses to “If You Can’t Say Anything Nice About…Spyder Sympson”

  1. He smiles a lot and seems genuinely happy. I’ll bet he brings a lot of positive energy where ever he goes, and I’ll bet he gives really good hugs.

  2. hrrundivbakshi

    If you put a whip in his hands, this would make a great S&M video.

  3. machinery

    I love the way he spells hys name.

  4. cliff sovinsanity

    I was expecting Luke, Han, and Chewie to show up in the background. Remember the jail break scene…


  5. cherguevara

    He does a really nice spin in there, maybe that move is secretly key to preparing his hairdo.

  6. bostonhistorian

    He’s clearly a guy who would recognize that there is no “I” in “team”.

  7. Spyder Sympson did the responsible thing ie spelling his last name Sympson , to differentiate for his fans, he was not part of the TV series the Simpsons” or for that matter OJ Simpson or Jessica Simpson

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