Apr 092013

With all the crap that gets released every week, I should be beyond being shocked, but it floors me that Big Country is back with a new studio album. If Queen and INXS can do it — why not trot out good old Mike Peters from The Alarm, cut some songs, and hit the road as “Big Country.” Never mind that the face and voice of the band hanged himself 12 years ago!

And then there’s this — a Molly Ringwald album. Didn’t you know that acting was just a distraction for her and it’s time for get “back to the music.” Of course you did.

What strange albums have you come across lately?


  18 Responses to “Unwelcome Second Acts”

  1. Sorry — the video don’t seem to be working — but a 45 year-old Molly Ringwald is something you have to see.

  2. cliff sovinsanity

    I came across this performance of Molly.

    Despite her vanilla performance, I still had lustful thoughts of her whipping me while screaming “Tell me the truth!!!. What about prom? Say it!! You’re ashamed to go out with me.”

  3. Here’s the Mike Peters Big Country song —

    Sound The Alarm!

  4. Better than what I tried post. An outstanding find — Richmond, VA local TV performance! Good Morning Virginia!

  5. jeangray

    How’s about Dave Grohl’s “Sound City” album? The best cut is the one that he did with Rick Springfield! Check it out:


  6. misterioso

    Mike Peters. What a loser.

  7. Suburban kid

    Songs about MR LMS might be in order.

  8. The videos should now be working. Thanks.

  9. I see your Molly Ringwald and raise you a Lady Grantham


  10. Off topic a bit but what’s up with Pat Smear? I don’t know much by the Germs and don’t particularly like what I’ve heard, but he seems like an agreeable guy and he has a Great stage name. But why was he in Nirvana and why is he in the Foo Fighters? I’ve never seen him do anything more than just kind of strum along on rhythm guitar. I don’t like flashy players in general but what is he adding to the mix? Or is he just a Rock trophy bride of sorts?

  11. Thanks for fixing that — must have — operator error no doubt.

  12. That is awesome. She’s so cute — but that song is like a bad kiddie tune!

  13. cherguevara

    What do you think is going on here:


    Keb Mo. Don Was. Jagger. Joe Walsh. Ringo. Keltner. Tal Wilkenfeld (sp?) Can anything good come of this?

  14. That will likely be a Joe Walsh solo album my friend. I think he put the James Gang comeback on hold for this.

  15. Kid, Don’t You Forget About Me It.

  16. jeangray

    Ringo’s new All-Star Band.

  17. BigSteve

    My guess is that he’s fun to hang out with, and he also makes the other guys in the band feel like Berklee graduates.

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